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Super Bowl Ring Jerseys Auction

Josh Gordon sold Super Bowl rings jerseys for $138000 Foreign catcher Josh Gordon played briefly for the Patriots. Although he didn’t play in the final, he still got a 53rd super bowl ring from the Patriots. According to media reports, Gordon recently sold the ring at auction for $138000. Gordon […]

The Tenderness of NFL Stars

NFL star’s iron man tenderness: 1 million dollars to support poor students in hometown. The mouth gun king in the alliance is also the zealous heart of public welfare. Ramsay was always talkative since he was a child. He extended his personality to the NFL. It is appropriate to describe […]

NFL considers new season playoff Jersey sales in quarantine The NFL may still set up a quarantine area to hold the game in the end, but that could be next January. In an interview, NFL’s vice president for event operations, Troy Vincent, said that Sean Payton, who recently took part […]

Can NFL fans come to watch the game in new season?

Chicago Bears banned fans from the game indefinitely Chicago Bears jerseys china will ban fans from attending home games indefinitely. The bears announced the decision on Monday after the team discussed allowing some fans to be at home during the outbreak. But for now, the program is considered unsafe. “After […]

On Monday, defending champion Sheikh officially announced that about 16000 spectators would be allowed to watch the opening match at arrow Stadium on September 10. The Kansas City Chiefs opener is against Texans, and a duel between two new quarterback representatives, Patrick mahomes jersey, and de Shaun Watson will be […]

Bills renewed his contract with left interceptor Dion Dawkins for four years and $60 million jerseys contract Bills confirmed that Josh Allen’s blind side screen would stay on the team. On Thursday, Bills officially announced a four-year contract extension with left interceptor Dion Dawkins. According to NFL Network, the highest […]

Los Angeles Rams nfl jerseys big contract?

Hope to get a big jerseys contract from the team Robert woods, the Los Angeles Rams, has been outstripping his contract and has been receiving more than a thousand yards for two consecutive seasons. In the end, woods wants a big contract. Woods told reporters on Thursday that he had […]

Cheap NFL jerseys hard to restart?

American NFL restart difficult, more than 60 players choose to quit More and more players have opted out of the season because they think their safety is more important. On Thursday, the NFL decided to officially return to this season’s teams and personnel. Among them, as many as 60 players […]

Philadelphia Eagles base decorated with murals in memory of Kobe Bryant Philadelphia Eagles jerseys use murals at the team’s training base to commemorate Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter accident earlier this year. The eagle took over and shared the mural on instagram. The mural depicts three scenes related […]

The new logo for Washington football team?

Washington Redskins announced the official name of the Washington football team in the new season The Washington football team will be the official name of the NFL team in Washington until further notice. Washington announced the change on Thursday. While the team is still looking for a new name, it […]