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Bills renewed his contract with left interceptor Dion Dawkins for four years and $60 million jerseys contract Bills confirmed that Josh Allen’s blind side screen would stay on the team. On Thursday, Bills officially announced a four-year contract extension with left interceptor Dion Dawkins. According to NFL Network, the highest […]

Los Angeles Rams nfl jerseys big contract?

Hope to get a big jerseys contract from the team Robert woods, the Los Angeles Rams, has been outstripping his contract and has been receiving more than a thousand yards for two consecutive seasons. In the end, woods wants a big contract. Woods told reporters on Thursday that he had […]

Cheap NFL jerseys hard to restart?

American NFL restart difficult, more than 60 players choose to quit More and more players have opted out of the season because they think their safety is more important. On Thursday, the NFL decided to officially return to this season’s teams and personnel. Among them, as many as 60 players […]

Philadelphia Eagles base decorated with murals in memory of Kobe Bryant Philadelphia Eagles jerseys use murals at the team’s training base to commemorate Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter accident earlier this year. The eagle took over and shared the mural on instagram. The mural depicts three scenes related […]

The new logo for Washington football team?

Washington Redskins announced the official name of the Washington football team in the new season The Washington football team will be the official name of the NFL team in Washington until further notice. Washington announced the change on Thursday. While the team is still looking for a new name, it […]

Training camps for all 32 teams will be held as scheduled, and veteran players will report for duty on July 28. Troy Vincent, NFL’s executive vice president for event operations, sent an email to the general managers and managers of all 32 teams to inform them of the arrangement. In […]

The training camp will officially open in 20 days, and the NFL and players’ Union are still grappling with a series of issues that need to be addressed. One of the questions is whether to allow players to choose not to participate in the 2020 season under the influence of […]

New England Patriots No. 1 jersey? Cam Newton?

Quarterback Newton became the first patriot player to wear the No. 1 Jersey since 1987 Pat, the patriot’s mascot, needs a new number. Pat has been wearing No. 1 since the Patriots won their first Super Bowl title in 2003. Pat had been wearing the No.0 jersey until a fan […]

oint shareholder proposal is just the beginning! Redskins home court denominator asks the team to change its name Recently, due to the ferment of Freud incident, the voice of calling for racial equality has become more and more intense. The red skin in Washington has become the target of many […]

NFL or fines for players who do not comply with the new crown If the 2020 NFL season starts as scheduled, players and coaches will have to comply with a series of new crown related restrictions, on and off the court. These restrictions include wearing specific masks, and players may […]