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On Thursday, us time, according to the athletic reporter, RAMS applied to the League for an additional $500 million to continue the construction of the new stadium. Rams has also applied for an additional repayment time, and the alliance will process the application at next week’s virtual boss meeting. Rams […]

A spokesman for NFL said Monday that sales of the TUA Tagovailoa Jersey were good, with two different styles taking one or two places (since the draft), surpassing that of Tom Brady and Joe burrow. Teng’oualoa is the fifth in the first round of this year’s show. Since the retirement […]

Peyton Manning jerseys has ruled out future coaching, but one day he could still run a team. Since retiring in 2016, he has visited several teams to learn from the general manager and coaches. “After you retire, you have to try to figure out, well, what’s the next chapter?” Manning […]

There are many differences between the 2020 NFL draft and the previous ones: it’s held completely remotely; it’s interspersed with many touching stories during the epidemic, and it’s grateful to the front-line workers It’s also the most watched nfl jerseys draft in years. What is the NFL draft? This is […]

Gaming company opens the new NFL season

The gambling company opens the new season Pankou! Patriot only won 8.5 and set a new low since 2003 Although the 2020 draft conference will come in a week, the betting companies will not let the investors wait so hard. And the new season’s cross talk may make the New […]

On Monday, Cleveland Browns announced that he would donate all the proceeds of the New Jersey to fight the new crown. The New Jersey design will be announced on Wednesday noon. The proceeds from the New Jersey will be donated to the “hats off for heroes” fund to help medical […]

In 2015, many teams wanted new jerseys and abandoned old designs. Five years later, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first team to admit that the old design was the right one among the teams that changed their Jersey design in 2015. They released their new 2020 Jersey on Tuesday […]

This year’s draft convention will be quite different from the past. This year, the selected players will not take the stage after being selected by the team to take over the jersey from the president of the league (Roger Goodell). On the contrary, with the assistance of EA Sports, this […]

The implementation of the 17 week regular season may affect the 2024 Super Bowl. The league has the option of starting the 17 week system in 2021, which will allow the playoffs to last until February. This has also led to possible clashes: Tuesday, the traditional festival of penitence in […]

Tampa Bay Buccaneers new team leader

Buccaneers Manager: Tom Brady brings a leader to the team The Tampa Bay Buccaneers commander (Bruce Arians) has always been outspoken. He has said many times that the team will look for other ways to upgrade its quarterback position. Now Buccaneers have found a successor: Tom Brady. On Tuesday, Arians […]