Wilson two final burst

Beijing time at 8:30 on October 2nd morning. The Seattle Seahawks home court against the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts dominated in the historical record against 7 wins and 4 losses, and defeated the Seahawks in 2009 and 2013 two. But now the Seahawks and the Colts are not the two teams, the Seahawks team final 46:18 victory over the colts. The Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson 26 pass 21, 295 yards, 2 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. Colts quarterback Jacoby briest 29 pass 16, 157 yards, 1 touchdowns and 1 interceptions.

At the beginning of the game, the Colts got off to a bad start, the center was injured. Quarterback Jacoby briest advancing to the half 27 yards of the ball over to the seahawks. Although the Seahawks offense in the beginning of the season after criticized, but in the face of the Colts defense group is more than sufficient. It took only 3 minutes to push the 25 yards into the pony half court, and Blair, Walsh, the former Vikings, easily hit a 44 yard free kick, 3:0. Today the guest center Adam Redmond in the face of the Seahawks devil home court is too nervous, a series of two mistakes, perhaps is the voice of the audience is too big, even almost didn’t make the ball, the ball back to the Seahawks. The Colts punt hand Gebotuo Sanchez completed a perfect punt. The Seahawks had to from their own array area 1 yards to attack. The Seahawks quarterback Russell Werwilson in the face of pressure in the battle zone one knee touchdown, gave the pony team 2 points safety, 3:2.

The Colts first made a mistake in the second quarter, the Seahawks for the league’s “detonation Legion might underestimate. Jacoby Brister’s passing in this half 28 yards by Seahawks Justin Coleman steals, Coleman to the end zone, 10:2. Then Jacoby briest state to pick up, Lianpao came from the Seahawks Jiujiang, Robert turbin

In the red zone, the touchdown was scored, 10:8. Because there are 2 points for the sake of safety, the Colts chose 2 conversion, but the conversion failed to beat. Then Russell Werwilson also made mistakes, pass to tight end Jimmy Graham’s ball was the Colts – where Mathias Qiang Wei steals, sent out this season’s first interception. The Colts also seize this opportunity, at the end of the half – Tang Meng Clif completed a touchdown by over 25 seconds before the Colts were 2-1, 10:15. Only 25 seconds of the Seattle Seahawks jerseys on sale, Russell Wilson didn’t waste, in 20 seconds with 56 yards, but kicker Blair Walsh missed the ball 37 yards, failed to rewrite the score.

Half back, Seahawks rookie running back Chris Carson continued good play, through a flexible pace and fearless rush forward to the Colts 23 yard touchdown zone before. Then Russell Werwilson showed the value of the league’s top four points in consecutive passes, after unsuccessful, Russell Werwilson spotted the Colts road space, road run 22 yards and hand stretched in grappled scored a touchdown before. Blair – Walsh didn’t get hit by the impact. But because the Colts defense fouls, Seahawks chose 2 conversion hit a 1 yard line. Doug Baldwin in the unmarked case, easy to catch Russell Wilson passing, 2 points of transition, 18:15. Jimmy – Graham in the last few games repeatedly appeared hands, a position with Russell Werwilson came good passing he didn’t catch the ball in hand after flying to the Colts tour guard Malik Hu Kerr’s arms, the Colts Seahawks 24 yards directly in the first half attack. But then the Colts try touchdown veteran Adam Viniateri will work not completed, firmly hit a free kick 40 yards, the score of 18:18. The next Jimmy Graham with a large number of 33 yard ball atone, Seahawks running back JD- Mcgee Hiker also used speed Yiqijuechen, such as run directly into the array of uninhabited land, area, 25:18. Colts next attack by the Seahawks defensive group after explosion, Marcus – Smith in the Colts quarterback Jacoby briest shot before the ball broke, middle linebacker Wagner picked up the ball after Bo than like Lin possessed, opened a “beast mode”, nike jerseys online many people in the face of Colts grapple blazing press forward to the enemy’s capital in 3 minutes. The Seahawks won 2 touchdowns, quickly opened the score 32:18.

The Colts seems to be in the third quarter were stunned, Seahawks by successively found Taylor – Locket and Jimmy – Graham, the final by Luke easily won the Werwilson touchdown touchdowns, the Seahawks also announced the victory, 39:18. In his rookie running back Chris Carson was injured, Eddie Laixi find themselves in the packers, a series of tough punches the ball to the Colts 27 yard half. With a big lead, Russell Wilson opted for a fourth set offense. JD- Mcgee Hiker showed no mercy, in the end zone to catch a success, 46:18. Seahawks especially offensive risk in the first three games in the show questioned, the offensive team regained confidence through this victory, but next week in the face of the west country name rams civil war is the real proof of Seahawks moment.