NFL 220 pounds from men

After the 2017 draft, continue to send benefits to your friends. Active NFL players James – former University of Nottingham kicker Ding Long kausar, this brings the latest explain for the audience, James will be a rugby player kausar occupation identity to explain to you how the occupation player diet.

About the occupation football players from the diet, vegetables, James said many people would lose weight because the costs and consumption of vegetables, but for them, vegetables are also needed food. For the choice of vegetables and costs is relatively simple, his personal love eating broccoli and carrots, the two was his preferred food, vegetables, broccoli and carrots that is not only the costs, but also a lot of players like lettuce and spinach favorite vegetables, for athletes is also a very good choice. Ding asked for China in Dragon kausar for vegetable practice compared with the United States, said: “in the Chinese kausar people have used a variety of methods, but we do not like this, I will not go to eat raw, seasoning.”

Then, two people talked about avocado, Ding long asked about avocado costs, and costs very happy that the avocado is his most love food, the fruit can provide various nutrients required for high strength training for athletes, but also good for the skin.

Then the people most love meat recommended links, American football strength determines the players must get enough protein, so good kausar talk, he said the steak is his favorite things, he takes about a day intake of 200 grams of protein. As an athlete, beef, pork, chicken meat is good, but also should pay nfl jerseys from china attention to eat lean kausar said. Of course, kausar also mentioned that the fish is very good method for protein.

A beverage supplement that costs as an athlete, he does not drink milk, because milk sugar and fat content is too high, it is not good for athletes, and other beverages are not very good, because they are more or less contain some sugar. Kausar says he would prefer to drink water, because the water is not added, very pure drink, he will drink a lot of water a day to supplement.

When it comes to food, kausar said wholemeal bread, noodles, flour products are the staple food for exercise, but is not so suitable for Steamed Rice. And here to show the Italy production costs of the process at the scene, and then he said in addition to food, such as nuts such as almonds are his favorite.

Good kausar spoke of his diet, athletes not only need a good training, the diet is also very important. Here I wish to recommend some healthy food to everyone by kausar friends can learn Oh.

In addition to introduce to a healthy diet, looking for a familiar face in Asia for the majority of the audience in the China Ding long and kausar specially in the draft of the scene, after twists and turns, two people found at laicourenao China by fans in the Philadelphia draft finally. To this end, the two also specifically interviewed several Chinese nfl jerseys fans at the scene.

Interviewed China fans because of the various relationships are now living in Philadelphia, as the Oakland Raiders player, kausar asked their team when they love, are invariably said “Philadelphia Eagle”, also let the interview in a slightly awkward but it costs, the team also showed how profound cultural influence NFL and this is enough to make foreign people stand on the same front and.

After interviewing many fans, and Ding Long kausar also hope that through such a funny video, call for more people’s attention in the event of NFL China.