The league’s first defensive player, Watt season reimbursement, younger brother voice blessing.


Dezhou’s nightmare came. JJ Watt was injured in the game and the season was reimbursed.

In the first section chiefs a third conversion, JJ watt accidentally tripped feet, like the bottom of the knee was injured. JJ Watt, known as the tough guy, was also suffering from an expression of pain and struggle after the injury, though it was feared that the injury would not be optimistic.

With the help of the staff, Watt was helped and limped to the tent in the side of the tent for inspection. Soon after that, he walked into the dressing room. There was still no light expression on his face. According to the latest news, JJ watt ruled out a knee injury, but his left leg was diagnosed with a tibial plateau fracture and was reimbursed for the season.

The league’s first defensive player, Watt season reimbursement,Houston Texans jersey younger brother voice blessing

For the first time, JJ Watt’s brother, TJ Watt, tweeted support. “I feel sorry for you, brother.””

Last season, JJ watt played only 3 games because of his back injury. He returned to the Jacksonville Jaguars this season after his back surgery in September 2016. In the 4 game of the season, JJ watt received 11 capture data, but did not get the kill.

Houston Texans jerseys lack the alien JJ Watt, although now the rookie four points guard de Sean Watson’s performance is often stunning, but less JJ watts, to go farther, must be even more difficult.