It is well known that Odair – Beckham has been reimbursed for the season after his ankle fracture surgery, and now there is a problem that has plagued the New York giants, that is, David Beckham’s extension. Even though Beckham was going to be a free agent after two seasons, he made it clear in public that he wanted the biggest contract in the league.

Odell Beckham was injured in the game against the lightning team

Beckham in his rookie contract last year to $1 million 839 thousand, then the giants choose to perform his fifth year contract option, so he will be at the end of a season to get a salary of $8 million 459 thousand, but now the problem is not the money thing, before returning to action in Beckham, the two sides can reach a long-term agreement.

John, the boss of the New York giant, who had taken over the League star before the game, said, “Odair deserves a higher salary, and we’re going to do that.””. At the NFL Fall Conference on Wednesday, John – Mara once again expressed his fondness for David Beckham, saying the injury would not shake the team’s determination to renew his contract. “I don’t think it will make any difference, because I think he will come back one day.”.” Then the boss added that before the team gave him a long-term contract, the team didn’t have to wait until Beckham was fully recovered.

“I don’t think he needs to prove anything. Because our medical team is sure that Beckham will recover, I know him, he is a very proud man, so he will work hard to recover, his performance will be as before, we don’t have to worry about what”. Now, this problem does not renew continued talk over, then talk about the Mara willing to give Beckham lying on the bed a what kind of contract, he will fulfill his promise to David Beckham to become the league’s most paid players?

At the same time, John Mara also mentioned some behavior Beckham injured before, including the touchdown after “dog pee” as the inspiration for the celebration, caused a great sensation in the League before this action, which leads to some fans think that giants should not be to the “brainless youth” to pay such a high salary, even if he is a talented player. “Obviously I was disappointed with him in Philadelphia,” Mara said “I talked to him about it, he knows what I think, unfortunately he didn’t wait if it fell. I think this thing will let him become mature, last week I went to the hospital to see him, he was in a great room, I think he will definitely come back later than before more vigorous.”

Although John said before returning to the horse Lasheng Beckham will be able to reach a contract transaction, but not to say too much, unless he is willing to accept a very “friendly” quotation. As the giants chose to execute Beckham’s fifth year contract option, the team had plenty of time to watch.