There may be an amputation of the thigh

On Sunday local time, Zach, Miller, the Chicago bear’s near end, underwent an emergency surgery to repair the torn artery in his left leg in a hospital in New Orleans. It is reported that Miller will continue to stay in the hospital, receiving medical observation.

The Chicago cubs also disclosed Miller’s specific injuries on Monday local time. The bear team headed proximal front was diagnosed with left leg popliteal artery laceration. The cardiovascular doctor at the University Medical Center in New Orleans temporarily controlled Miller’s injury through surgery.

According to the alliance and the reliable source of the bear team, the cardiovascular surgeon in the hospital once tried to keep Miller’s injured left leg, but no one knew whether Miller had ever been at risk of amputation.

Asked about amputation, Xiong coach John Fawkes told reporters: “I think I have a lot of worries in my heart.”. The team’s medical staff did very well. When they came to Miller on the court, they immediately realized that something was wrong. ”

Fawkes continues to add: “for any player with cardiovascular problems, altitude changes are bad for them, and I will not allow players to fly like this. He (Miller) will continue to stay in New Orleans for a while. In a short period of time, he (Miller) will not return to Chicago. ”

As for Miller’s possibility of being amputated, Mcbride, who took over from the bear, said, “I really don’t want to believe it.”. I just can’t believe it. I never even realized that amputation would be one of the consequences of dislocation of the knee. Obviously, you don’t want anyone to face that, especially when I come to the team, and I rely on the veteran and the spiritual leader. But I’m happy that he’s all right now, and I’ll pass all my positive energy to him. Hopefully one day he’ll be able to regain his 100 percent strength. ”

According to reliable sources, Miller underwent an MRI examination on Monday, the United states nfl jerseys china. Through this examination, the doctor can not only assess the blood flow of Miller’s left leg, but also have a more clear understanding of the anatomy of his left leg. The team also announced that some of the team’s medical staff will stay with Miller to stay at the University Medical Center in New Orleans.

Miller left his left knee dislocated during the third game of the Chicago bears lost to the New Orleans saints last Sunday. According to reliable sources, doctors have repaired Miller’s left knee joint. During the operation, part of Miller’s right leg was transplanted to his left leg artery to repair the injury.

According to the live footage of Miller in the end zone to catch the Chubisiji rookie quarterback mecherle – “over the shoulder” to pass, but when he was born, his left leg was distorted.

The medical staff of the bear immediately realized the seriousness of Miller’s injury, and rushed him to the treatment immediately. Miller was lying on the ground for a few minutes and was directly transported from the stadium by a medical vehicle.

The referee after the videotape, that Miller did not keep control of the ball, so the commuted controversial touchdown catch invalid.

Fawkes, the bear coach, said Miller had a strong will and was hopeful that his squad would be punished effectively. ”

Fawkes told reporters at the end of the interview: “Miller will struggle with this injury for a while, but that’s the best we can expect. “