There are many things in the world that are cyclical, such as geese going to South Africa, salmon mating every season. In the Premier League, every December, Arsenal will suffer injuries tide, Liverpool in mid January to a chicken. Every year near the double eleven NFL teams, buy buy buy or buy, if only shopping is the most interesting thing, so each team this year is what panic buying it, we look at it together.

New York: a giant.

Speaking of the pan, Benzema, please come back, my little Manning has something to say. The giant double Yi Ruo lose, lose every coach Mai fat are consistent tone of “little Manning about you out, put the pot to help me.” Perhaps Manning good temper, he is always very good at mediation locker room is not harmonious, for this thing he never complained, the season just over half he put the pot back into a brand, I thought he could achieve success and win recognition giants in the old life left a legendary name, but did not expect the 1-7 negative after wheat the fat man jerseys was going to let him take Gatorade incubator, “coach, I don’t play it without the back pan?”

Denver Mustang: cheese

Butter hands are not a football goalkeeper’s patent, and they are also in the field of rugby. The wild horse team, after the start of the highlight, lost 5 games in nearly 6 games, and the attack team behaved like sleepwalking. Since 72 million Mr. Aus Ville came to the team, people can not help but wonder if he put the cheese to secretly wipe over the gloves, so that their position as soon as possible, after all, the God was the first NFL in the history of man came off the ball. Eighth weeks, the Mustang challenged Kansas City Chiefs, the results of the outside found that the usual steady catch of the ball but also how can not grasp, can not be solved. In the third quarter horse big deficit, Simeon to the bosom of the touchdown ball will Fowler abruptly thrown out, the ball is not then harder than the catch, finally the attack Broncos only to kick hastily, missed the best opportunity to counterattack horn sounded. After this war, the Broncos coach Vance Joseph announced: “in the small Austrian ah, you is not short of time, our team is what you see, next you start.”

Kansas City Chiefs jerseys: thighs

Kareem – Hunter in the third round of the 86 NBA draft pick by the tyrannical Kansas City Chiefs took off, since the first game of the rookie running back Lianpao connected together with 239 yards and 3 touchdowns against the Patriots, this boy has become a more and more get out of hand, thigh appearance, the first 5 games of Hunter what data? Out of 609 yards, 4 in the array – the chief 5 wins. What’s the data of the last four games? The road adds up to 191 yards and doesn’t reach the array – the chief loses three games. Ever since Hunter the thigh, chief not leaning if Taishan, thought from shotguns change false start, see note do not hide your positive, but I did not expect people to read your routine, a machine gun with a pile of watermelon knife, or not what. What all don’t say, this is the role of a pillar, which is to hold the thigh effect!

Losangeles rams jerseys: Dad


In today’s League of mixed fathers, there’s no good dad on the team. Sean McVeigh over 30 young male in Losangeles found the first coach in life, he took over the team last year 4-12 everyone bully, from the beginning of 2003. No more than 50%, the truth will ram a little stronger than Cleveland Brown. This is a complete team since the crane tail recognized the father a macwhite 6-2 beat the Seattle Seahawks currently get out of hand, sit on the top spot in the National League west. It is said that in the office will be on the team for McVeigh sang a song by Justin Bibb song, let macwhite little heart melt completely. Because the lyrics are: Dad, Dad, Dad, oooh; Michael dad, Dad, Dad, no; I thought you’d alawys be mibe ~!