Friends who are also concerned with fight events should recognize it, and this is not the case…… Yes, this is WWE and GLORY’s first female Chinese commentary and chaired Wang Ting II “”! Exactly why she appeared in the Tencent NFL, let us slowly road antecedents and consequences.

Fighting class interpretation presided over a sister

When it comes to fighting games, you have to start with Wang Ting as a kid. Her father is a traditional martial arts family, and well versed in sword stick. His father wanted his martial arts to be handed down, but his two daughters, Wang Ting and sister, were not interested in traditional martial arts. But when other children were watching cartoons, Wang Ting watched a lot of fight games with her father, so she was fascinated by modern fighting since childhood. Later, she was admitted to the Broadcasting Major of Xi’an Physical Education University. When she was in junior middle school, she formally studied boxing interpretation, and finally embarked on the road of interpretation, hosting and fighting, which was another way to pass on her father’s Wu Yi.

From the beginning of 2015, Wang Ting on the well-known network platform for WWE professional wrestling Chinese interpretation work. Soon, she attracted the attention of lovers and industry professionals with professional interpretation, sweet sound line and youthful appearance. Since then, she has also been invited to interpret several different types of fight events, including the world’s top free combat events GLORY (glory fighting) and the world’s second major comprehensive combat events BELLATOR (Warrior). At the same time, Wang Ting’s work is no longer confined to the studio, she is responsible for the WWE domestic offline activities presided over the work, as the GLORY China second live host. Whether it’s interpretation or hosting, as well as international or domestic events, she’s becoming more and more handy. Although not twenty years old, but after more than two years of experience, together with the original accumulation and their own talent, Wang Ting has been a leader in fighting Chinese interpretation presided over the session, called a domestic sister.

All-round hosting

In addition to the most familiar and favorite boxing competitions, Wang Ting’s field is also very extensive. She has done “watch pioneer” host, once “new three taste strange stories” reporter, even is “aircraft carrier European Cup” and “super wind blows” director. As the saying goes, “art is not pressure”, she is also full of their own, to enhance their overall level of business.

Joining Tencent NFL

About how to participate in the NFL broadcast work, Wang Ting admits his love and conflict with the movement, such as wrestling, mixed martial arts, kickboxing, boxing, jujitsu and so on, so in football. Relative to fight alone, the two teams of people together in the contest of strength and technology, but also let her blood boiling. This year, Tencent and NFL reached an exclusive strategic cooperation, providing the highest level of rugby matches for Chinese NFL fans. Under the enthusiastic invitation of Tencent NFL, Wang Ting joined the fire line and took a new step in his career.

Cat sucking people

And here’s a little secret to you, and Wang Ting has been a little cat – cat, apart from the commentary. Just last year, she finally ended up owning the cat, owning a cat of her own. She had just finished the hosting of the WWE landing and returned home with a kitten from a neighbor. Because the first meeting was at the weekend, so the weekend became its name. From then on, every time Wang Ting watched the game before the computer, the data were more “weekend” accompanied, more beautiful life. So, in addition to the event, and her chat topic can also have such a item……

Be triggered at any moment

So many people, we must be impatient – when can we see Wang Ting’s first show? Rest assured, we have already arranged properly, this Friday (November 24th) 9:30 in the morning of the giant vs red skin competition, she will be officially unveiled in the studio, and Wang Zixing, Xiao deep partner together to bring you wonderful live broadcast and interaction. By then, please lock Tencent NFL, must!