Trump came to the university football finals with an average of 2300 tickets

The finals of the all American rugby league match in NCAA2018 were launched at the new Mercedes Benz stadium in Atlanta at 9 a.m. in Beijing time on January 9th. The competition between the two sides is University of Georgia bulldog and last year runner up.

With the development of the times and the promotion of events, the national championship of rugby league has become one of the most popular events in the history of the United States. On the ticketing network in the United States, the average price of the game is up to 2300 dollars. Ticketing information shows that $2300 is more than 41% higher than the highest average fare for the final 6 years in the previous year. The highest average fares in the previous 6 years were the finals of the University of Alabama and University of Notre Dame in 2013, and $1640.

The most expensive ticket in the history of college football jerseys is the finals of University of Oregon and Auburn University in 2011. The average fare is not clear, but the cheapest ticket has been around 4000 dollars before the start of competition.

Another important reason for the price rise is that the bulldog team of University of Georgia is hoping to win the first championship since 1980 in Atlanta. After the Rose Bowl University of Georgia defeated the University of Oklahoma in January 1st, University of Georgia in order to buy tickets for the final also led to the breakdown of the ticketing website.

30 minutes later, when the price appeared on the Internet, the cheapest seats are $2480, although this week after the price drop of about $1000, but this is still a relatively expensive ticket, the ticket price and the University of Georgia fans than the University of Alabama team to be higher than the price of 10%, about $200.

The game attracted a lot of big star to match, even won 7 awards Grammy hip-hop singer, known as the “king of West Coast” – Kendrick Lamar has been invited to do the halftime show performance, which is NCAA at the first halftime show.

In addition, the United States President Donald Trump nfl jerseys at the scene shocked all of a jump, all known, Trump this year, according to NFL’s remarks have both referred to the incompatible, in this context, Trump still went to the scene to watch the battle, popularity this year of college football. The National League Championship remarkable.