The New York giants wide receiver Brandon Marshall from the New York jets left soon after joining the New York giants, the 33 year old veteran wide receiver still has a very good state and strength, but his age is not a small problem, many with his ball players of similar age at this time almost all chose Brandon Marshall – retired, there is no such intention, he said he would call again two years or more, as for the retirement he said at that time.

In the Stanley cup playoffs, the Eastern Conference finals of the two teams played hard, the big score was also tied. The penguin stole a successful Senator home court victory, the next game will come to Canada’s capital Ottawa, Senator home court facing the penguins, their defense is still as strong as iron? Two can serve as the role of keeper of the goalkeeper? Two coaches, who can manage their teams more effectively? Let’s wait and see.

Brandon – Marshall said last week he has made a choice, the six occupation bowl with the New York giants players signed a two-year contract in the offseason, the veteran to fulfill the contract with the New York giants made the plan again.

“Two years or longer, or get my first Super Bowl champion, or find some fun after it, nfl game jerseys then I will choose to change their life to a more healthy development of the field,” Brandon Marshall said.

Marshall hinted at his retirement about basic idea, for his age, he is sure to be for the sake of the future of Brandon last season, Marshall finished 788 yards and 3 touchdowns, with his 1502 yard touchdown in 2015 14 the data far. But Brandon Marshall’s body was in a more strange case, in 2011 he was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, mental and behavior of Marshall is very unstable, he often has some impulsive behavior, this is a serious mental disorder, and the perennial impact on him.

Ben called the champion, and in his eyes he was the clown

Ben wants to teach some of the top students

Garrett Meyers in the 2017 draft first by the Cleveland Brown team is selected, it means he will be faced with the Steelers good quarterback Ben Rothlisberger.

The young man said he had planned to sack against Pittsburgh Steelers game captured and killed bin Rothlisberger.

But it reached the big ears, he said the Steelers offensive lines are ready for the arrival of Meyers garrett.

“I put this matter with our strikers pouncy said, pouncey said he had great confidence, he can’t wait to try to nfl game jerseys Garrett, all of our players are very glad to hear the line Garrett challenge, they can’t wait, I can not wait.”

The last season in 14 games was sacked 17 times, this is his 13 year occupation career was killed at least once, largely thanks to Pittsburgh Steelers a strong offensive attack.

Ben Brown led the Pittsburgh Steelers against only 2 wins and 21 losses this embarrassing results, do not know whether Gareth Meyers led Brown to new glory?