The 2018 draft will be held in the United States in July 11th.

The former Mississippi State University defense guard (Brandon Bryant), the former Western Michigan University (Sam Beal) and the former Virginia Tech corner guard (Adonis Alexander) are three of the most top – level candidates of the selected players. Bryant and Bill are both considered to have worthwhile talents.

Alexander showed himself in front of 26 team representatives in June 20th. Bryant held a show day on Monday, while Bill’s show day was Tuesday.

If the team picks up a player in the draft, then in the second year’s NFL draft, the team must give up the draft of the corresponding round. Any player who loses in the draft will become a free agent immediately.

Since Saint Louis rams chose Isaiah Battle in 2015, no player has been selected in the draft. In addition to Battelle,nfl jerseys cheap who has now joined the Seattle Sea Hawk, the Terrelle Pryor in 2011 and the Josh Gordon selected in 2012 are the only currently selected active players in the supplemental draft.

Packer Montgomerie: the guards have their own strengths

The Mike McCarthy has made it clear that this season will not take any more offensive tasks (tailback, a runner).

Mccarthy said that the (Aaron Jones), (Ty Montgomery) and (Jamaal Williams) three – person rotation strategy, how the workload is not explained, but in Montgomerie’s view, the three people, no matter how the combination will have a positive impact on the packers.

Montgomerie said: “although everyone is trying to get a job, it is essential to know the teammates, and whoever comes to play, you want him to finish the task well.” No matter who the three of us play, we can play different strengths and make the offense more efficient. This is the depth and diversity that the team needs. ”

Montgomerie missed 8 games last season because of injury, giving Jones and Williams the chance to play. Montgomerie will also nike jerseys work hard to improve his durability this season.