Cameron Vick is willing to take on the task to help the team

This season, this figure may have dropped, but Vick said he was willing to accept all dolphins assigned to him.

“Can I fight all the numbers?” Of course, I have proved my ability. But is that the best for the team? What about myself? ” “I will not attract eyeballs by competing for the first round,” he said. I just want to do things that can help the team and defend the team. Even if it means that I am going to be in charge of the third gear, or to be the first and finish all the files, I will be willing to do it. ”

Vick is 36 years old and has no signs of deterioration in physical fitness. Last season, he scored 10.5 hits. In the past fifteen years, only he and (John Abraham), (Julius Peppers) and (Terrell Suggs) four people can harvest two digit kill and kill after 35 years old.

E Friel: know Earl – Thomas loves cowboy

This year’s off-season, many veterans who won the super bowl with the hawk left the team. Cliff Avril is also one of them.

Earl Thomas is one of the few veterans on the list, but it is doubtful whether he will continue to play in the hawk. Prior to that, Thomas publicly said he would not participate in the mini training camp held in June unless the team took action to solve the contract problem.

Earlier, Thomas looked for the cowboy coach (Jason Garrett) after the game and urged him to attract himself. During the rest season, Thomas also included cowboys in negotiations with Haiying. Recently, E Friel said in radio shows that Thomas’s love for cowboys is well known, but Sea Hawk players do not take this as a serious matter.

“Everyone in the Sea Hawk changing room knows that Earl likes Cowboys jerseys wholesale very much.” E Friel said, “he will go to see the cowboy’s Monday night race immediately after the work is finished, but we will not take this seriously, he will fulfill his duty.”

Bill running Mccoy: there are more things to prove in the new season jerseys.

For LeSean McCoy, who is 30 years of age in July 12th, age is just a figure.

Mccoy, who scored 10092 yards in his career, became the thirtieth player in the history of NFL to score a goal of over 10000 yards.

The star runner didn’t plan to make progress in his tenth season. “I have more to prove,” he said in an interview. Just like, ‘how long can he play? How long will he be able to perform well? That drove me to work hard. It really drives me. ”

Mccoy has once said that his goal is to break through 12000 yards in his career. Last season he did a good job, not only in his personal breakthrough, but also in helping Bill enter the playoffs for the first time in 18 years.

During the off-season, Bill changed the quarterback position, signed (AJ McCarron) and chose Josh (Allen) jersey with the seventh pick. This means that the offensive team of the team is heading in the right direction, which obviously will be very beneficial for Mccoy’s career.