De Marco Murray hopes to sign a contract in front of the training camp

Last month, DeMarco Murray gave up the chance to work for the saints, but he still hopes to play the ball this season.

Murray told ESPN reporters Adam Schefter (Adam), he hoped to complete the contract before training camp, has also talked with several teams.

“I talked to four or five teams, which are all suitable for me.” (DeMarco Murray Jersey) said, “I think the key is to be frank. For me, the first goal is not the first goal. Of course, if I have the chance, I will try my best to do it, but I would like to go to the playoffs with the team and attack the championship.

In March, Murray interviewed Haiying, dolphins and lions. Last season’s knee and hamstring injuries made him poor.

Alan said: “there is really no pressure. They do not say anything that makes me feel sick or worried. I’m just trying to get better and become a good teammate, a good quarterback. ”

Bill said earlier that the quarterback would depend on the players jersey’ performance, and Alan still had the chance to compete for the first time. His greatest strength is a far-reaching pass. But in the short term, the team will not rush for success, which will give Alan enough time to adapt.