Comprehensive analysis of the strength of the new season

Recently, the US authoritative sports media ESPN issued a long article on the official website to analyze the prediction and ranking of the strength of the 32 teams in the future. In order to accurately predict which NFL teams can lead in the next three seasons, ESPN has invited Lewis – Reddick, Mike – Santo and field – Yates to form an expert group. They studied each team’s squad list (excluding the quarterback), the quarterback, the show, the management, and the coach. Integration and scoring:

After scoring each index, the five scores will be converted to a comprehensive strength score according to a certain proportion. The proportion of the conversion is: the squad list (excluding the quarterback) 30%, the quarterback 20%, the draft 15%, the management level 15%, the coach 20%, and the total score of the 32 teams by ESPN. Today, we first come to analyze the rank of 11 – 20 in the middle, and see which teams are all.

Carolina panther (79.3)

Last season: 11-5

Reasons for the rankings: in the 2015 super bowl of the fiftieth season, we saw the upper limit and the peak of the Panthers. Although the team has changed a lot compared with that year, the best core players still exist, such as quarterback Kam Newton, line guard Luke kkley, Thomas – Davies, near – end Greg – Olsen and lane Carril. The team of the black leopard is actually very stable. Newton can score a team on his own at the peak of his career, and the defensive team will not give much play to it. The stability of quarterback and the talent of offensive players will determine the future of the team.

Biggest hidden danger: the Panther is a team that relies heavily on quarterback. Last season, Newton played a direct role in the team’s performance. Newton’s attacking ball is their main attacking weapon. Throughout the season, Newton ranked second in the number of shots, and ranked first in the number of punches. The problem is that the team’s problem is that Christian Micah Frey is not a long shot; can the new offensive team coach, Roy Turner, be able to develop some new weapons, such as the first round of DJ. Moore and the four round show near Ian Thomas, can they give Newton a relief rather than a drag?

Looking forward to the future: Although David tiger has completed the acquisition from Jerry Richardson, the management of the Panther nfl jerseys cheap left a lot of mess to solve. Management is the biggest uncertainty for Panthers. If the management team unravels the fans’ fogs before the season starts, the Panthers may be better.

Dallas Cowboy jerseys(77.8)

Last season: 9-7

The reason for the rankings: to succeed, the Dallas Cowboys want to imitate their strategy in 2016, attacking front players with a clear professional bowl level and reducing the lack of talented defenders. Prescott’s second season is a bit unstable, but he can still get the fans’ new appointment. The success of the coach Jason Garnett depends on the team’s playoff record. Since he took office, the American team has won only one playoff victory in 7 years.

Biggest hidden danger: before the 2017 season, the cowboy’s defensive frontline was worrying because no one believed in DeMarcus Laurence’s ability at that time. In the last season, whether it was a catch, a capture or a quarterback, every data set a personal career record. Even so, the cowboy didn’t want to sign a long contract with him. On the offensive side, the cowboy team is now very scarce on the two sides of the outer hand, so that Prescott may fall into a situation where smart women can’t cook rice without rice. Finally, ESPN experts believe that the cowboy coach team jerseys jerseys jerseys has no ability to make up for the loopholes in the squad.

Looking ahead: the Cowboys may overtake people’s expectations, just as Prescott has refreshed our recognition of him. Experts put Prescott’s ranking at twelfth, which shows that he has confidence in him. Can the quarterback of grade three improve the combat effectiveness of his teammates and wake up from the downturn last year? This is the key to the future of the cowboys.