Salary income in the new season

After a harmonious negotiation between the Atlanta falcons and Julio – Jones, the Atlanta falcons reorganized Julio Jones’s salary in 2018, the best NFL alliance will get more than 2 million 900 thousand dollars in the 2018 season, and the falcons promise to continue a bigger match for Julio Jones in the 2019 season. In the same way, Julio Jones ended his training and returned to the team.

According to the details of Julio’s restructuring contract with the falcons, Jones received a $4 million 400 thousand signing bonus from his 2019 season salary, but the basic wage in the 2018 season fell from $10 million 500 thousand to $9 million in the 2018 season, so Julio Joan was in this way. In the 2018 season, net income increased by $200 thousand. $13 million 400 thousand is totally different from $10 million 500 thousand, which is a great incentive for Julio.

For the Atlanta falcons, 4 million 400 thousand dollars paid for Julio Jones had little impact on the salary cap, because the $4 million 400 thousand would be spread out in the payroll for three years, so that the falcons had a much smaller pressure in space, which made them better with the left intercepting Jack Mathews and the defensive front. RedI Garrett talks about the contract. And today the hawk signed a $75 million 5 – year contract with Jack – Mathews, a chance for the falcons to create an opportunity for the falcons to be satisfied with Julio and to leave other key players.

In the first place, Julio Jones had a tight relationship with the falcons, who wanted to get a raise in the 2018 season, but the falcons assured Julio that they would reorganize their 2018 season wages with Julio in 2019, and the eagle’s emergency treatment finally redeem Julio. The heart.

On Friday morning, Julio Jones appeared in the Atlanta falcons jerseys sales training camp. The relay said in an interview that he had a good communication with coach Dan Quin and general manager Dimitrov, and he was willing to wait until the 2019 season to renew his negotiations with the team.

“I can’t control this. For me, my first job is to play, as I said, put my attention on my own, and the love of the team that supports me to the present. Here, I have to be ready, and then put a hundred points into the game, for every game. The team needs me very much. ” Julio – Jones said the superstar also said he had never thought of leaving the team’s training camp. “I didn’t really want to quit training. As I said, it’s just dealing with my personal things. I have to do what I need to do so that I can serve the team in the best state.”

Arthur Blanke, the boss of the Atlanta falcons jerseys wholesale, has already seen everything, he has been actively dealing with Julio, Julio can negotiate with the falcons and get a raise, Blanke is a full drive, and he has never worried that Julio – Jones will quit the team’s training camp.

“To be honest, I didn’t think he would be out of the team. At the boss meeting in May this year, I was asked how to look at Julio. My idea is: ‘he will always play for the falcons’. Now he proves my story with his actions. All we do will always make him a member of the falcons. “