49ers signed Alfred Maurice.

For Kyle Shanahan, the 49ers runner up in San Francisco is no stranger.

The 49ers will sign Alfred Morris. At present, the team is waiting for the result of physical examination.

Jerick McKinnon injured his right knee during practice. MRI scans showed the injury was not serious. Morris was signed just in case. In addition, Matt Breida is also suffering from shoulder injury.

Maurice has been in his career for seventh years. He used to work for red skin for four years, and in the last two seasons he was a member of the cowboy nfl jerseys. In the 2012 and 2013 seasons, he was a red attack coordinator and was familiar with Maurice at that time. That was also Morris’s high-yielding year, when he shot 1,613 yards in the rookie season (2012) and scored 13 touchdowns. In the 2013 season, the ball was pushed 1275 yards, and 7 shots were scored.

Maurice spent 1262 times in his career, advancing 5503 yards, punching the ball 4.4, and gaining 32 touches.

Chicago bears jerseys and rookie Smith

According to NFL Network correspondent Ian Rapoport, the Bears have signed a total of $18.4 million for the first round show, including $11.5 million in security. The contract includes fifth years’ team option.

Smith was the last to complete his contract debut, and missed the entire training camp and the Bears’first two pre-season games during the training strike. Coach Matt Nagy said the new NFL helmet collision rules were also related to the late signing of Smith’s contract.

Smith, the Bears’No. 8 draft in the first round, was known for his athletic prowess and speed during college and is expected to be a volleyball starter. During the battle of University of Georgia last year, Smith scored 6.5 kills and completed 137 tackles.