News summary Jean made Elliot a generalist

The 2000 yard is no longer a dream, and Elliot will play a bigger part

Fantasy football game player who knows a rule: as a rookie with the ball down Mawang in 2016, then the next season, the player will do more. Of course, for that matter, it would be possible if the cowboy’s boss, Jerry Jones, did it the way he did.

“In the game, Elliot was really a big problem for the defensive team. I’m sure every time Elliot gets the ball, I’m in a very happy mood.” Jerry – Jones said, Jerry – Jones know Elliot’s potential is more than that, next season he intends to let Elliot play in the offensive play a more important role.

Last season, Elliot completed a ground offensive terrifying, he held the ball 332 times to punch the ball with 1631 yards and 15 touchdowns, Elliot rushed the ball in quite well, but Elliot in the ball attack the ball 32 times and scored 363 yards. It is clear that Elliot can do more in the game, not just at the ball superiority, he in the ball there is still a lot of things has not been developed, the new season, the Dallas Cowboys may make Elliot more ball attack. As the Cardinals running back David Johnson not only has strong ability to punch the ball last season, he also contributed 879 yards receiving yards; and the Steelers ran Weile viand – Baer ball advancing 616 yards, excellent running back for more in the League catching opportunity, as a result, we are not difficult to see Elliot next season will repeatedly play catcher. In this regard, Elliot personally also expressed that he did not understand the situation, but this is likely to happen.

“We have a lot of offensive weapons, we have a lot of guys who can finish the ball, so I authentic nfl jerseys really don’t know if it will happen, but I think it’s possible.”.” Elliot feels he can offer more help to the Dallas Cowboys during the passing attack. He wants to improve himself as a running guard.

The Dezhou quarterback debate is getting worse

Although there are many Houston Dezhou staff firmly support Tom – Savage in the team’s starting quarterback, but Savage himself also know that he must play well to ensure their work.
“Listen, I have to go out to play, I have to play well to keep my job now and the location, you must strive to get a first day, I mean, if you are the first coach said this is not what problem, but you need to know a problem, you must show senior level, I know this principle, I use this principle as my attitude.” Tom – Savage did not mention the rookie of Dezhou, four point guard Sean – Watson, but the quarterback is ready to let Watson never turn over.

Tom Savage must compete with rookie DeShawn Watson, Savage last season almost beat Dezhou 72 million – Mr. Bullock Oswald veller, but the first two games, Savage because of a concussion lost the starting position. Currently, Houston Dezhou coach Bill – Obrien said it would be satisfying to make Savage a starter, and Obrien said he had to study for a long time before Watson became a starter. The coach thinks, savage is very calm, because he knew all the words in the NFL are not credible.

“I’m excited because I know I’m going to start the competition and I have to play better, especially at the quarterback’s position. I know the reality, but I’m still looking forward to it.” Savage said.
The Patriots will bring in the great general

The new England patriots have reached a three – year contract with their starting center, David Andrew, so Andrew will play for the Patriots in the 2020 season.

Andrew will be in the Patriots had personal occupation career of the third season, the off-season he was a patriot restricted free agent, he as undrafted in 2015 by the new England patriots selected Andrew as the first player of the season to replace the injured starter Blaine Storck played in 11 games, after he became the new England patriots starter. David Andrew’s offensive protection level is quite good, the Patriots quarterback Tom Brady for his commendable performance.

“He’s always been good. He’s very reliable. He’s in good hands.” Brady said.

Andrew is a Young Patriots offensive front line really good players, playing with Andrew after a successful agreement, the usa jerseys Patriots this line will have better ductility, because the current line patriot’s oldest players age is only 29 years old, while other players like David Andrew as the only 23, 24 years old, are very young.