Why is rocket new girl called “hit”? Vigor brings you closer to rugby.

“The Most Flaunting Ethnic Wind” has become a thing of the past. Speaking of the latest magic song, it’s definitely not Rocket Girl 101’s “Calorie.” This new single issue is gradually sweeping the Phoenix legend. I believe you are all brainwashed by the hoarse “burning my calorie”. Nevertheless, don’t think that girls can only sing light and lively saliva songs. Rocket 101 released its latest EP “Crash” on August 18, Beijing time, which refreshed people’s established impression of the girls.

Although Meng Meiqi, Wu Xuanyi and Zining’s brokerage company and rocket 101 have been having a bad time recently, the compiler, as Zining brain powder, can’t help but order this song, so he hears familiar words:

“We wanna make you go, We Wangna make you touchdown touchdown.”

“Rampage all the discerning eyes”

As any rugby-familiar buddy knows, Touchdown is the rugby technical term for “touchdown” or “touchdown”. The spirit of breaking through the shackles and hitting the future coincides with that of football. After a series of cruel knock-out tournaments, 101 girls, from the first day of their reunion, 11 beautiful young sisters began their careers in collision with youth culture, music, and the future. Just as in rugby, the dark clouds overwhelm the city, and the whole team gives you a ray of sunshine to block and open the way. After countless falls, countless captures, you will feel how magical a run to the battle! How can you raise your breath when you pass 50 yards across a half court?

The two armies were facing each other across the shore, and the arrows had to be fired on the strings. The men on the front were nike jerseys gasping for breath and wearing helmet. It seemed that the next second was a life-and-death battle, and they were trying their best to overturn their opponents. Then a “OMAHA” order, like a bomb burst, attack and defense front of more than a dozen men to start a game, boom! Bang! Bang! It’s not just the sound of a physical collision, it’s also the sound of a soul collision, and other players, like Lady of Heaven, have to decide between the first-class offensive and defensive. Then go on to the next one, then the next one, until Touch down! Scoring!

The army was choked and silted up, and an electric light broke through the clouds, and the ladies and sisters inherited the determination to fight on the football field. The new song “Crash” is a retro rock and roll dance, with the 80.90’s retro rock elements, but also clever into a bit of audio, very brainwashed, on behalf of the rocket girls sprint strength. Let’s turn the clock back to the’80s and’90s, when League offense was so popular that almost every team could find a thousand yard runner, like Barry Sanders, who played down more than 1,000 in 10 consecutive seasons, and Amit Smith, who had made 18,355 yards of his career and still holds the League record. Bump! Bump! Bump! Ladies and sisters, like running and running, they have boundless vitality.

In recent years, the elements of rugby often appear in movies and TV series, this spring Reba and Guo Jingfei’s new film “21 carats” main plot around a rugby game jerseys. Last year, Zhang Yishan, wearing professional football equipment in the TV drama “Sex Me”, filmed a footage of a football match on the court. The Rugby challenge also appeared in the first part of the second season of the blockbuster reality show “Speed Forward.” Bai Jugang and Guan Xiaotong took part in it and really felt a genuine U.S. No. 1 sport. They persisted in 16 attempts, never gave up 16 times, and the images of 16 courageous advances were tearful. The orbit.

The Rugby element added to the song “Crash” by Miss Rocket 101’s sisters makes the song more vivid! “Drinking milk tea to the Mandarin duck, stepping on the spray to ring” can be said to be very Real, we also wish them in the future like NFL players jerseys are not afraid of injury, to move forward, do not forget the first heart, before always.

The horn of the new season is going to blow. Let’s join the NFL family at the same time as Pick’s little sister.