Rugby or espionage? Steel team build “steel curtain” to prevent peeping

At this summer’s World Cup in Russia, the Swedish team gave us a real demonstration of what is called “spy shadow”. Members of the Swedish team were reportedly camouflaged as tourists, trying to infiltrate the South Korean training base. Later, the Swedish team rented a house near the base of the South Korean team and took pictures of the team’s training with telescopes and telescopic cameras. South Korea’s response is to allow players to change their shirt numbers during training, because South Korea coach Sein Tai-long believes it is difficult for Westerners to distinguish Asian looks.

For NFL, things may be different. Every team has a special tactical slogan. It doesn’t follow one or more tactics in a match like football. But as a popular saying, there is no need to guard against others. No, the Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys built a huge wall around the training ground to protect one-third of the field from game spies.

As we can see from the picture, four black columns, about three stories high, are built on one side of the training ground, facing an office building. When the team is training, they can lift huge black tarpaulins to prevent peeping.

Coach Mike Tomlin talked about his sudden fantasy at a news conference, and he laughed and said, “The purpose of this thing is to let you guess for yourselves and give everyone a space to imagine. I can only say that this is useful, and we will use them correctly at some time. I know what’s going on, man. This era is so interesting that the sky is full of UAVs. We just made the preparations we had to do, hoping that the game would be played in a fairer environment.

Asked if anyone would peep across the building like an FBI agent, Tomlin said: “We’ve had some problems here, and everyone wants to know more, and I want to.”

Tomlin’s words were not without a clear aim. Near-end Jesse James said he once found a drone hovering into the training ground during practice and looked suspicious, suspicious that it might have been snooping by other NFL teams. “You can always catch sneaky people in the parking lot, and you don’t know where they came from, so we’ve tightened security,” James said. There’s usually nothing to snoop on in training, but we’ll inevitably have some privacy, and even if it’s not picked up by other team spies, it’s possible that the paparazzi want to dig up something.

Although the “steel curtain” of the Steelers can not stop the so-called drones, it can prevent the vicious people in the opposite building. The Steelers are usually fully open to the media, so every day there’s a steady stream of news about the team. The team asks you to report something that must be allowed by the players. The reports must be carried out in the “sunshine.” For those who are wandering around the training camp, always trying to dig for “no-one-knows-the-secret” reporters. The Steelers are not welcome. At present, the Steelers’ training camp is shared with University of Pittsburgh football team jerseys.