The 100 star 71-80 Name: by virtue of his magic ball 2017 Nike Nfl Jerseys Bengals up 16

The NFL sports news today – the official publication of the third NFL2017 100 star, we saw many familiar faces on the list, including Ron Bardi outside the Super Cup in the Super Bowl this year to catch the new England patriots took over Edelman, let’s look at the ten stars of this announcement!

80 Le Garrett Blount before the new England patriots running back

The former Steelers running back as a substitute to Baer to return to the Patriots again after Biliqieke is activated. In the 2016 season, Blount had 18 shots from the leading League, and Blount could do his job perfectly whether it was a long sprint or a short cut from the red zone. The running guard, who is now 30, 2017 Nike Nfl Jerseys Bengals is no longer young. He is a free agent after the end of the 2016 season. He has not found a home yet. It is said that the teams that are interested in him are giants and lions.

79 Sean Lee Dallas Cowboys line guard

To say what the play outstanding linebacker 2016 season, Sean Lee absolutely no cowboy. Xiao Enli of the season a total surrender 145 grapple 93 separate grapple tackle behind the Seahawks star linebacker Wagner. Cowboys did not perform well in defensive teams for the 2016 season, but Sean Lee was definitely a moving the Great Wall. But the season first released the list did not bowl occupation in the name of Xiao Enli, finally because other players selected the various injuries and exit that Sean Lee selected 2016 alternate occupation is for two consecutive years in the bowl, bowl occupation. Of course, the 2016 season, his high light performance let him directly selected gold content is more adequate The Associated Press best lineup.

78 – Blaine orakpo Tennessee Titans outside linebacker / defensive end

The start of the new season will be the 31 year old veteran outside linebacker Oklahoma wave with good performance Bengals for the 2016 season career for the first time into the NFL 100 star list. 10.5 of last season’s second best kills, and a total of 46 attempts, were an essential part of the Titans’ good defensive front.

77 Clinton Dix – Green Bay Packers safety

Dix had a very special name, called “Ha Ha”, so the translation is Chinese haha. The former Alabama safetys 2016 season in the packers played all the defensive gear, called iron man. Among them, surrendered 90 times, 5 times and 7 broken pass, and even got 0.5 capture. The 2016 season that he made his first career and was named the The Associated Press occupation bowl season best two array, the packers in the offseason directly executed his rookie contract in fifth year option (2017 season was his rookie contract for fourth years), Clinton Dix can contract to be left behind at the end of the Blue Salih Stadium until the 2018 season.