Aaron – Rodgers favors Dezhou rookie quarterback

Aaron Rodgers and DeShawn Watson has not met, but the two time super bowl MVP nfl jerseys authentic said the new quarterback Houston himself is very optimistic about the people of Dezhou, he said his choice to the people of Dezhou the young man was very impressed.

“He looks like a great young man, he appears to have a high talent, he has a special career, he was surprised at the last match is the Clemson University, he found the final pass outside took over for the final won the national championship, this is very special, he has a great college life.” Rodgers is very optimistic about the young people he had never seen before, but now the people of Dezhou old player Tom Savage is currently in Dezhou the first quarterback, but Rodgers believes Watson can learn slowly, and great achievements.

Rodgers said he was in the study after three years will become like this great, but Watson is now in a good team, Dezhou people have a good defensive group are good over, Rodgers said these are part of the success, Watson will find the key to success in the football team.

The game, play the game injured penguins first defence Schultz, a group of right-wing Lassiter both sidelined, veteran Horn Quist also sidelined, but after the two generals Streit and Daley both comeback, the team sent the 7 guard lineup. The senator staff did not change, only four group of Siduoboge to replace Wingers, but the striker has adjusted collocation to balance the offensive team.
After just 48 seconds, the game with Tousoulis and Hoffman partner for Senator Stephen shoukaijilu, first vice onrush ball penguins to bottom area will be transmitted to the center Tousoulis, although the latter shot by Penguin goalkeeper Fowler Rui to resolve, but keeping up with the Hoffman volley the ball into the 1:0.

Behind the penguins while occupied the field advantage, but tenth minutes they once again lost the ball, the Senate Guard Masat suddenly in front of the shot was Fowler Rui out, but the ball hit back against the defender Cole’s body back in Folleri’s body, slowly the goal, 2:0.

2 minutes later, the Senate once again to expand the score, Carlson cut off the blue line penguins back the ball to the two group of Ryan, whose shot was blocked, but Macarthur received a rebound after the pass in front of the cloth Lhasa, allowing the latter to easily shot, 3:0.

24 seconds after the senator will expand the score to 4:0, Smith from midfield will hit the floor, he quickly grabbed the rebound, choose around to cheap nike nfl jerseys the other side of the goal shot, Fowler made a very driven to distraction, amateur defensive action, allowing Smith to break easily. In the face of the opponent 9 shots lost 4 balls he was immediately replaced last season to help the team win the Stanley cup champion Murray go on stage.
The Steelers cut tight end Green

The proximal Pittsburgh Steelers front end try rashly in a season, the team laid off nearly end LADA Daliusi – Green injuries, he failed to pass the examination on Saturday.
The proximal front last year with Pittsburgh Steelers signed a 4 year contract worth $20 million, he has received a $6 million 250 thousand deposit. Originally the Steelers to Green full of expectations, but his knee injury and his concussion problems limiting Green last year, the player only played six games.

Injuries were an old problem for Green, who suffered repeated concussion during the blitz. But the LADA Daliusi – Green’s level is very good, even if only the Steelers played in six games, but he completed a total of 18 receptions with 304 yards and 1 touchdowns, good efficiency, and the speed of his body is his advantage.

The Steelers under a $2 million 625 thousand capital space for the team, there seems to be more interested in the potential of the young, nike china jerseys and now Jesse James is supposed to become the first Steelers tight end, last season he completed 339 yards and 3 touchdowns. There are a lot of space to grow graem Javier Bo, and David Johnson will continue to be open blocked proximal front, in the draft of the second round of the Steelers also chose the tight end Zhu Zhu of the University of Southern Calif – Smith – Schuster.