The NFL season rekindled in early September, just after the first week of the regular season, according to statistics, Tencent Sports has become the NFL international media partners in the competition of the most live reporters, covering the most games overseas media, which is the recognition and trust of Tencent Sports, but also highlights Tencent Sports dedicated to promoting Rugby decision Heart.


For love crowning, for journalists to fight call. Tencent Sports sent a large number of front-line reporters to four U.S. regions or cities, including Philadelphia, Carolina, New Orleans and Miami, bringing live coverage of the four matches in the Opening Week, with 15,000 words in the column.


Last year, Tencent and the Professional Football League (NFL) announced a three year strategic cooperation. Since the 2007-18 season, Tencent has become the official exclusive partner of NFL China Digital Media, which is the first time that the world’s most commercially valuable sports league has reached an exclusive strategic partnership with China’s digital media. Now, 1 years later, Tencent has become one of NFL’s important partners overseas. According to statistics, this year’s opening game has broken millions of viewers, the number of regular season viewers than the same period last year has increased significantly, more football fans because of love to gather together, more new fans began to understand and love the game.


Front reporter Xue Lei


As the sole official partner of NFL China Digital Media, Tencent Sports jerseys has created a deluxe front-line journalists’team composed of experts and senior journalists to cover the city in all directions. Looking back on last season, the Reporter’s Sky Team has completed a number of exclusive interviews, including active stars, coaches, NFL legends, senior team members, senior fans and so on. Tencent Sports has a comprehensive front-line team on the spot to cover important games or moments during the season’s opening, Super Bowl, Thanksgiving and so on. Now let’s get to know these Tencent’s sports experts journalists.


Flying is only for breaking heavy days, and tens of thousands of messages are at fingertips. There are thousands of miles in the mountains. Hello, ladies and gentlemen, this is Li Suo, the young editor in front of the Los Angeles Rams. Please call me “Los Angeles Rams with Snow Floating”.


Sitting at home, we can see a dazzling array of sports information, which is closely related to the hard work of these front-line sports jerseys cheap journalists. They have both the professional qualities of veteran football media personnel and the confidence and courage to struggle in a foreign country. Because of their love, they traveled far across the ocean to strange countries and cities to overcome one difficulty or another, bringing us the latest and most live reports.


Over the past two years, the NFL’s fascinating number of balls and the quality of the fans have undergone tremendous changes. In previous seasons, everyone talked about “the best fight in the game”, “when the NBA starts to play”, “the crash is so painful”, “Hawks are more stable than Falcons” and “Longo is a bit more resilient than Ryan” and “this red zone” Efficiency is too touching. Believe in the power of platform, NFL jerseys will succeed in China. In the new season, Tencent Sports will continue to uphold the concept of “coronation for love”, covering the most comprehensive domestic NFL information, leading the whole people to participate in the new trend, towards another tomorrow of Chinese football.


Our omnipotent frontline reporters both sold Meng and played professionally. The new season is going on like a raging fire. Every game is a battle of life and death. We also want to know what unknown stories lie ahead, or what race scenes we need to bring with us. Old drivers are always on standby.