NCAA Rugby has been the biggest upset in 14 years. The winning team of the fish and muscle team is better than 1.8%.

Never underestimate the heart of a champion. — Rudy Tomjanovich

If you asked me what school ODU was before, I’m sorry, I don’t know. But if you ask me now, I will be proud to tell you that I am ODU20 Zhong Zhong powder.

At the end of the NCAA football game jerseys, College football’s biggest jerseys cold shoulder in the past 14 years: Virginia Tech, ranked 13th in the country, lost 35-49 to ODU. This is also the first time in the history of European University to beat the rugby team from the five major league of NCAA.

Prior to the game, the ODU was 0-3, and the 13th-place Virginia Tech was 2-0, plus the strength gap between the two teams, so almost everyone thought the Virginia Tech would win easily, and the gaming company gave the game 28.5 points from Virginia Tech. The amazing odds, but the “lower dog” ODU finally achieved an incredible victory.

With 32 seconds to go in the third quarter, Virginia Tech quarterback Josh Jackson passed a 72-yard touchdown pass. Virginia Tech led 28-21, but then ODU scored a touchdown in both subsequent offenses, with ODU 35-28 leading – the first time since the game. Lead. And for Virginia Tech, the injury to quarterback Josh Jackson made matters worse. Virginia Tech couldn’t even get to the ODU, although substitute quarterback Ryan Willis led the team to a 75-yard offense with 5:11 left. Anything in response to the crazy offense, the ODU went on to win two touchdowns and won the game 49-35.

Over the course of the game, the ODU scored an astonishing 632 yards on the proud defense of Virginia Tech over the past decade. As an obscure elementary school, the outbreak of ODU had no precursors at all. After all, before the epic victory, the ODU was no longer competitive in World War III, but it eventually toppled Virginia Tech, the 13th largest university in the country.

It’s worth mentioning that ODU quarterback Blake Larusa, who scored 495 yards and four touchdowns from 49 passes to 30, was a devoted fan who grew up watching Virginia Tech football jerseys. Blake didn’t become an ODU student until two years ago, and his brother Mike graduated from Virginia Tech. Before the game, his brother said he might cheer for his alma mater, but if his brother did, he would be an ODU student. He must be Blake’s number one fan.

Because of the three consecutive defeats before the ODU and the strength of Virginia Tech, ESPN’s FPI predictor predicted that the odds of winning the game were 1.8%. Before that, ESPN predicted that the Knights would win three consecutive titles when they were 1:3 behind the Warriors in 16 years. This shows how slim the odds are for the ODU to win the game, but the ODU played again. Face ESPN, win the game.

It’s a reminder of the worst-ever upset in the first round of last year’s NCAA basketball championship: the top seed of the South End, the University of Virginia, lost 54-74 to the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMBC), and was eliminated in the first round. And the ODU’s miracle over Virginia Tech is even greater than it is, believing that after this victory the “next dog” ODU will become a major concern, looking forward to their next performance.