Two, copy, cut, play, dress denim, restart Earl Thomas negotiations.

Last season, Earl Thomas publicly declared his love for the Dallas Cowboys jerseys, but for various reasons it had progressed but eventually was stranded. To get the Cowboys to resume negotiations with him, Thomas presented a “roll call” to his potential successor on Sunday. “Get me or be dominated by my fears,” Thomas exploded the Cowboy Offensive Team alone, and now the rumor continues to ferment, the Cowboys again began negotiations to trade Thomas.

In the Seattle Seahawks’jerseys 24-13 victory over the Dallas Cowboys yesterday, star security guard Earl Thomas intercepted Dako Prescott twice, and after finishing the last quarter of the game, Thomas went to the cowboys’ edge and the gentleman bowed to “potential new teammates”. After the game, Thomas explained that he thought Sunday might be his last game for the Seahawks.

Thomas said he had heard some “gossip” and that the Cowboys were going to trade rumors about him: “I don’t know if it’s true, but I’m happy to play and if it’s necessary, I’ll leave the team like this.” As for bowing at the cowboy line, Thomas responded, “I think it’s just a matter of a moment’s brain. If they decide to get me to continue my career, I think they should do that.”

In addition to two interceptions, Thomas also completed the team’s highest seven grasps and two destructive passes, which made the Seahawks’defensive team more prominent than the cowboys’ clumsy offensive team. At the same time, Thomas also used his own practical action to remind fans once again, “I am the most important defender of the Seahawks,” if he decides to leave the Seahawks, whether in the middle of the season or after the end of the season, the Seahawks are difficult to find a perfect replacement for a while.

Rumors have been circulating since Thomas went straight to cowboy coach Jason Garrett in December and told him he should be traded. Thomas later explained that he did not want the Cowboys to get him immediately, but he did want to join Dallas after playing for the Seahawks. And the Cowboys really need a second-line defensive star like Thomas, which makes Dallas cowboy jerseys a reasonable potential foothold for Thomas.

Before yesterday’s game, the League had a sudden rumor that the Cowboys would resume negotiations to trade Thomas. It was not empty air. According to Thomas himself, the cowboy coach had found him before the game and asked him if he was ready to be traded. “I heard some rumors, and some people told me that I might be traded. Even some of the cowboy coaching staff came to me and asked me if I was ready to leave for Dallas. I don’t know if they were playing any psychological warfare, but they did tell me plainly: Are you ready for a deal tomorrow?

Thomas admitted that the coach of the cowboy team might be joking. If the coaches are serious, they’ve openly violated the league’s trading rules, and even if they’re joking, they’re likely to run into trouble. If Thomas is telling the truth, it’s best not to leave any evidence of the tape or anything like that, or it’s going to be tough once the league office gets involved. Given the approaching deadline, the annual drama of “Where to Thomas” is coming to an end.