With the draft this NFL offseason the most important end of the project, we will also be division as a unit, as we gradually launched this year the teams in the draft performance assessment. The weekly weekend two days will give you a zoning draft evaluation, two times a week Oh! Today brings second articles — Eastern League National conference.

New York giants draft score: C+

Just need position: attack, intercept, line guard, near end, front

In the 2016 season, the giants had a first-class defensive front and defensive second line, but compared to their good defensive team, the giants’ attacking team last season was pretty impressive. Giant’s attack front, on-line season can be described as two extremes, good, very good, poor is too bad. The difference here is prominent at the position of the two fronts. Left tackle last season two giants starter, Flowers and Hart were left 48.4 points and 41 points (a failing grade score from occupation football focus site, referred to as PFF, out of 100 points, the same below), the last season, Eli Manning often exposed directly impact on the other hand thrust transfer under. Although the 2017 draft of the offensive players is not too good, but considering the team just, in 1, a 2 round of high CIS offensive tackle has no ground for blame but third days, the giants would have to wait until the draft, in the sixth round of the total No. 200 was selected from the University of Pittsburgh, Bisno Waed, and he is a guard. The outside world can understand when the Mustang in the No. 20 pick the first tackle selected in their boles, 3 sign behind the giant to the proximal front also needed nfl jerseys china, but did not think the giant didn’t attack the attacking players in the draft second days, did not know that this move will pay the price for their the 2017 season.

As everyone knows this draft is decades proximal front bumper, while the giants last season’s tight end who described is useless, the proximal front group only for 7.7 yards per catch last in the league, compared to the second worst about 1 yards. Still, the giant was somewhat surprised when, the near end of the University of Miami, still chose a more exotic Eng Ram on the shelf.

In addition, the giants in the 3 round selection from the University of California quarterback Webb, taking into account the Yilaimanning also no longer young, giant began to prepare for a post Manning era. Webb is this year’s fourth bowl (Senior Bowl) the winner, to know the 2016 fourth bowl of MVP is now very influential cowboy quarterback Prescott.

Overall, the giants did not regularly play cards at this year’s draft

Philadelphia hawks draft score: B+

Just need position: corner guard, defensive end, running guard

The draft of this year’s goal is very clear, in line with the defensive front Cox, outside with Graham, and they need to do is in the first two rounds with a lateral pass to Graham and a red double ghost pat door. Because last season reason the Vikings traded to Bradford, which was in the 2016 draft and trade Brown No. 2 lost in the first round of the 2017 sign the Hawks regained first round pick, but No. 14, let them directly selected from the University of Tennessee, college career with 33 sacks, Barnett, can see how Barnett plays a chemical effect and the competition has Curitiba Chris landau.

Compared to the outside punch, the eagle’s most important supplement in the NBA is the defensive second line. Shawntae last season the group is very poor, Mills, Robinson and Bruce were in substandard level below 50 points, so the draft in second days in the second and third rounds of continuous selection two star Wei, Jones from University of Washington and Douglas of West Virginia University. In February, if the outside world that the eagle can choose to Jones in the second round, then you will think you are but because Jones in Pro tell some fantastic tales, Day torn Achilles tendon, just let Jones from the 1 round fell into the 2 round, and the eagle also quite bright in the second round of steal this can limit the other big cornerback, even his 2017 season may be reimbursed. So the eagle was so clear that he picked Douglas in the next 3 rounds, a corner guard with height, but his 40 yard dash wasn’t too good.

In the later rounds, the eagle also added a running back and wide receiver. The last season of the external representation of group is below average, in 2015 the 1 round of the show took over Aglo the two season can’t match 1 round pick, although the Hawks took bears Geoffrey in the free agent market, but don’t forget he’s only 1 years contract, so in the draft supplement North Carolina receiver Hollins.
The Hawks are very clear about the draft this season and know what they need.