Washington Red Skin draft score: B

Just needed position: defensive second line, defensive front line, running guard

The Redskins last season playoff a bit worse, but the defense is their playoffs stumbling block. In the two main thrust, hand play is good, the red need is to complement the anti – running tool in the draft, especially defensive front. Last season the two main defensive tackle Mcclain hood and play are not satisfactory, so red in the first round of direct shot, took one of the best defensive attack this year, Allen from University of Alabama. In the prediction of many sites, but only the second champion Gareth Allen good defensive player front, even to be optimistic is selected to the second or third identity, but because of the high ranking team get together and select offensive player, then let red in the No. 17 pick up a big leak. In the red 3-4 defense system, Allen’s diversity will bring great help to the red skin. The second round of elections also from University of Alabama outside linebacker Anderson, although Anderson is not the top players outside linebacker 3-4 Lee, but the Redskins really need to add this position player, also his anti run may also be red eyes.

In addition to Norman, the red shirt last season’s team didn’t perform well, so the red cheap nfl shirt chose Punt Did Moreo from UCLA in the third round. Moreo originally belong to the two round of market show, but because the same injury in Pro Day, causing him to lose to third. You know there are 4.35 seconds moreo 40 yard dash and the 38 inch high jump is the top data.

Red in the draft third days selected running back Pelen and proximal front spring Cole, also hope to be able to test the rich around Hince selection.

Dallas Cowboys draft score: B+

Just needed position: defensive side, defensive second line, near end, outside catcher

Last season, cowboys used strong attacking firepower to cover up the weak defensive squad, which was good for the regular season, but it was obvious that the playoffs would not work. With the angle of Carle and Wei Qun Clayborne and Wilkes safetys special leave, cowboy in urgent need of draft up after they leave the vacancy.

Given Laurence’s heavy losses last season, Charlton chose the defensive side of Michigan in the first round. Charlton’s evaluation of the outside world is different, some people believe that Charlton has the top 10 levels, it is said that Cincinnati Meng tiger considered in the first round of Charlton under the account. But given the fact that he didn’t really break out until the 2016 season, it also led to a voice that challenged him. Charlton on the outside of the anti run ability is not in question, but considering his 40 yard dash in only 4.92 seconds, to maximize the NFL how to play the ability is definitely Chong Cowboys defensive coordinator Marie Neri needs to solve the problem. The scout report showed that Charlton’s starting speed was bad, but his hand movements helped him a lot, but the lack of explosive force caused him to lose his inside punch. In other words, Charlton still has a lot of room for potential, because in front of higher data, Charlton’s pressure on both sides of the internal and external pressure is not too much. Especially considering the cowboy’s choice in the first round, there are also hand guards such as TJ watt and the corner guard like gold.

On the second day of the draft, cowboys were in the 2 and 3 round, and the guards didn’t have any accidents. The second round of selection from the University of Colorado Wu qi. It is said that the team has listed him as the top 20 player to leave the shelf, but because of the previous transaction and the better player down, let him come to the second round. The 40 yard dash of 4.44 seconds doesn’t seem to have to worry about his speed. Wu Qi is one of the most likely this year capture cornerback holding, also have a good reading ability. Whether it is outside the defensive or cheap jerseys china slot for marking, speed and mobility are excellent Wu qi.

In the third round, the Cowboys again picked players from Michigan, Jordan and Lewis. The cowboy had always had a choice of college players who were out of the question, so it was not surprising that Lewis, who had been accused of domestic violence more than 1 months ago, this time. Without this accusation, Lewis’s draft should not be in the third round. Over the past three NCAA season, when quarterback Lewis put the ball in the area, a season of quarterback Lewis Jean get the highest score of the season was the 2016 quarterback, only 47.1 points, so that Lewis’s defense is quite at home. As Lewis stood in the slot, he sent only an average of 0.35 yards. With his body and the ability to capture, as long as Lewis can control himself outside the court, it should be a good draft, and even the outside world that his template is Mustang Harris.

This year, the Cowboys had 9 signs in the draft (5 of them, 6-7 rounds), 7 of which were used on the defensive team, showing the cowboy’s determination to strengthen the defensive team.