45 – Larry Fitzgerald, the Arizona Cardinals wide receiver

It’s a good news for the fans that we can still see the 34 year old in the 2017 season. Fitzgerald has entered the League 13 season, he left the valiant record without excessive explanation. Last season, Fitzgerald completed the league’s most 107 ball games, and after 2005 season, he again became the league’s one season catcher. In the 2017 season, Fitzgerald will have to do in addition to enjoy the game, but a record to let him go to shock, Fitzgerald now has 14389 career yards receiving, Ninth league history, active external hand total number of his nearest Brandon Marshall less than him for nearly more than 2000 yards, and Fitzgerald as long as the 2017 season a thousand yards season, you can let him go beyond Randy Moss (15292 yards) to become the NFL’s third receiving yards, then only about 700 yards away just in front of Owens (Terrell Owens), and Jerry Les the first distant history.

The 44 Carolina Panthers quarterback cam Newton.

The 2015 season of Newton, relying on their high optical performance led to a super bowl and then took off into the MVP season, he ranked first in last year’s 100 star without rebuke list. But the 2016 season Newton left a season low second career touchdown passes (19) and a single season career high second steals the number (14), but this is still Newton career seventh consecutive NFL 100 star list.

43 – Marshall Yanda, Baltimore crow guard

Whether this league has more excellent guard rise or short time seems always difficult to threaten the last recognized alliance first guard position. Whether it is to protect the pass, or run the ball into the other way, or perform various tactical second-line or delay is always in this league the other guard characters. Throughout the 2016 season, 612 stalls stalls fought in the last pass, he only let the opponent get forced quarterback rushed to the data 6 times. To count the 2015 consecutive season, last 1014 stalls in the pass file did not let them get captured and killed or knock down the quarterback, and the figure is expected to go to the 2017 season. In the 100 star list of the past 4 years, last is always the highest ranking guard in the list, and in 2017 although the ranking has declined, but look for fifth consecutive years to become the top star List Ranking of the guard is not accidental.

42 Jarvis – Landry, Miami dolphin catcher

In the 100 star list in 2016, the Louisiana’s State University in the two round of the show over only ranked ninety-eighth, and in the list of 2017, Landry suddenly rose to forty-second. The Beckham and graduated from the same school with roommates and the same year in the league and took over in the last two seasons to prove their value, on the season, Landry received a total of 1136 yards passing and 4 touchdowns, he also became the NFL history over the last three seasons to catch up the ball. For two consecutive seasons, he was rewarded with a career bowl.

41 – Freeman der von Atlanta falcons running back.

If there were no amateur passes to protect the Super Bowl at the end of the fourth quarter, Freeman would now wear the Super Bowl Championship ring. But there is no denying that Freeman still enjoys the best time of his rugby career. In the 2016 season, Freeman left his career’s highest 1079 yard run and 11 impact shots, the only one in the League to run 4 yards in two consecutive seasons. In addition to the shots, Freeman’s catch attributes gave Lane more options during the attack. Last season Freeman had 462 yards to catch and 2 to catch the ball. And don’t forget, he’s only 25 now.