There are big heroes in the small cities, and the top three jerseys are sold to the top 50 of the league.

As one of the world’s most profitable sports leagues, selling players’jerseys, dolls, star cards and other peripheral products is also a big money-sucking tool, the latest NFL players’ Jerseys peripheral sales data has been released.

The top 10 sales stars are as follows, and we can see that even on this list, Brady likes to play the old trick of “catching up”. It’s not surprising that Brady has surpassed Hawks quarterback Fowles to become the League sales champion.

Among the top ten players, except Rogers, almost all come from some of the most dynamic and huge fan markets in the United States – Boston, Dallas, New York, San Francisco 49ers jerseys, Philadelphia and so on. Among them, Dallas, Philadelphia and New York contributed two players respectively. It can be said that the size of the fan market and the sales of jerseys are between. It is a positive correlation.

But there are exceptions. If a player is good enough on the pitch, even if his team is a “small market” team, the United States fans will pay for him. The Emirates is a vivid example.

Kansas City, where the Emirates are based, is not a very sporting city, and the base is mediocre. Kansas City, which has two professional teams, ranks 32nd out of 67 cities after assessing 114 major league teams in the United States, according to Nielsen data, while Kansas City has an NFL television audience. The size of the alliance is fourth.

But even so, the Emirates’three league stars, quarterback Markholms, close-end Kelsey and runner-up Hunt, all made it to the top 50 in the sales list, thanks to their excellent performance on the field. The Chiefs are so arrogant in the United States that they have outperformed their patriots in ranking No. 1, thanks in large part to the team’s fierce offense.

The Emirates are fourth in the league in offensive yardsticks, quarterback Markholms is sixth in the league this season in passing yardsticks and is already the league’s top quarterback, while proximity forward Kelsey, one of the most reliant weapons in the team’s air offense, has proved himself to be the league’s best close forward – winning both the previous two seasons. Kelsey is expected to become the league’s second closest forward to more than 1,000 yards in three consecutive seasons after the Panthers Olsen this season, nfl jerseys sales while runner-guard Hunt is currently fourth in the league in the number of yards, and the 2017-season league-top may even surpass last season’s achievements.

Under the guidance of such a comprehensive offensive trident, the Emirates has an infinite natural scene on and off the court.

The list may not absolutely reflect the team’s combat effectiveness, but it certainly reflects the team’s popularity among the fans. The Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys, with five of the top 50 leading peripheral sales figures, came out as the “most willing to spend money to support” team, followed by four Minnesota Vikings and three other teams (Patriots, Hawks, Panthers, Chiefs). The remaining 8 teams did not sell any player’s products to the top 50.

Don’t be surprised, Brown also has players on the list. Mayfield is thirty-third in the list. After all, the Cleveland fans who lose the city hero James can hardly choose to spend money.