Patrick Peterson asked the Cardinals to trade themselves.

Oct. 23 – Patrick Peterson jerseys, the Cardinals All – Pro, made a trade request to the team on Monday, according to ESPN correspondent Adam Schefter.

The elite corner guard, who has been selected seven times for the Professional Bowl, wants the team to send him out before the 10.30 trade deadline, but the Cardinals refuse to consider a deal.

Steve Wilks said at the press conference that he had never heard of such a report.

“Patrick also took part in training today.” Wilkes said, “he has not told me such a thing yet, and his training is very good.”

CBS Jason (La Canfora) reported similar news last week. Pete is earning $11 million a year and will become a free agent in 2021.

The Cardinals have fired Mike McCoy after their 10-45 loss Arizona Cardinals Patrick Peterson jerseys to the Denver Mustangs, with a 1-6 record.

In the 7 match, Peterson completed 2 intercepting, 29 tackling and one kill.