Official events Beijing, Shanghai NFL Viewing Party

There are food, drink and raffle.

I can see the game with hundreds of olive fans.

You are not mistaken. Such a rare opportunity has come!nfl china jerseys.

On the evening of Sunday (October 28), we will hold special matches in Beijing and Shanghai, inviting the most loyal football fans to watch the Eagle VS Jaguar London Bowl!

Can’t wait to join us? Please think about which TA you would like to invite to the party, go to the official Weibo account of NFL and leave a message with the content of the article. Send your invitation to TA with your most vivid writing and sincere feelings.

We will select a number of lucky fans and their respective invitations to TA according to official jerseys sale whether your invitation copy touches people, and send out more tickets for the competition!

Message winning tickets will be closed at 7 o’clock this week (at 19:00 on October 25th) and act quickly.