Plans to retire for Michael Vick and Rudy White

The Atlanta falcons nfl jerseys began planning in the United States Monday as quarterback Michael Vick and Rudi White held over the retirement ceremony and press conference, Falcon boss Arthur Blanke decided to give this exploits two players necessary to honor.

“We consider all the Falcon offer was a member of the Falcon, people, and Vic with White on the team, this great city has had the influence to commemorate the Vic and White, to celebrate their occupation career, we feel very excited.” Arthur – Blanke said.

Although the two players will not sign a day’s contract with falcons to retire as falcons, Blanke said the team will give the two players the best treatment.

“We don’t need to give them a contract to show that they are part of our big family or retire as falcons.” Blanke said

Michael Vick is 2001’s draft, he played a personal occupation career peak level in the Atlanta falcons, he played 6 seasons in the Atlanta falcons, he became NFL history as the first single season rushing over a thousand yards quarterback, he always wanted to take a Atlanta falcons player retired now, the Falcon has decided to hold the retirement ceremony for the.

“I think that’s what I’ve been trying to do, and I think that’s all possible when it happens,” said Michael vick.

Rudi – White is the best outside catcher in the history of the Atlanta falcons nfl jerseys, he maintained the history of the Falcon team 10863 yards of the catch record, there are 63 times the number of catch, with 808 times the most team history of the catch. He had spoken a year ago that he loved the falcons, and he spent 10 years in the Falcon, and it was a very sweet thing for him to get such treatment.

Beckham watched the finals, and the giant asked for his return to training

Recently the NBA finals is carried out like a raging fire, a lot of stars from Montana finals between Oakland and Cleveland to watch the wonderful, like the New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham once together with Brazil star Neymar in Jinzhou to watch the finals, but after a few days to go to Cleveland to support the knight’s home court, and during the star warriors happened some interesting players before the channel friction: start of the fourth game, Odell – Beckham deliberately waiting for Stephen curry, Beckham joked on one side, with the warriors could not sweep Knight curry said such words, courier and respond to why it is impossible, still laughing away Beckham accidentally fell on the ground of jewelry. Beckham watched the game very much, and he had some minor problems with the giants in terms of salary contracts, knowing that Odell Beckham had a base salary of only $1 million 800 thousand this season.

So in the past three weeks, the giant team of voluntary training camp and no Beckham figure, so Beckham have a forget New York giants mandatory training camp will begin soon, but the giants did not think Beckham will continue to miss the team’s training camp, the coach Mcadoo will hope to Beckham return to training camp.

“Of course, I’m sure everyone will be there on time. I won’t spend too much time talking about attendance. We expect everyone to be available at the training camp.”. “I once again stated that I didn’t want to talk about these things in detail,” Mcadoo said.

But Mcadoo did not mention Odell with Beckham, although chose not to participate in the team’s training camp is fully consistent with the right player, voluntary training camp is a personal choice for players to participate in the project in the offseason, many players will skip this process.