NFL pink October, visit NFL female players every day ”

During the National Day, NFL explained that Xing Tianyu performed a two-hour “stand-up comic dialogue” live on the penguins, and finally made a draw for the audience, which exploded a wave of female players. We contacted one of them to find out the idea of female players for NFL games every day. Shortly afterwards, another female player appeared in QQ group. After communication, she learned that she was a neighbor. After further understanding, she found that there was a perfect NFL fan circle behind the two players.

The first female player: Rong

Career: College student. Starting from the regular season of 2016-17, focus on NFL, favorite star: Patrick Macholmes

The first game I won was one of the Seahawks’regular season games. It was a long time ago, and I forgot everything but the Seahawks.

After the first season’s early adopters, Rong began to follow his friends’ attention to the Emirates rookie Ma Holmes. At the time, Macholmes was just a substitute quarterback, and although he was brilliant in pre-season, he had no chance to perform in the regular season. After a whole year, the rookie of last year became the starting point of this year’s team and was on the NFL player jerseys track.

At the beginning of becoming a chieftain fan, Rong also started the game of NFL every day. The goal of playing games has always been clear:

“Signed souvenirs”, and said:

In order to save enough gold coins to exchange Brady’s signature ball, the glorious arena to participate in the guess, a week to participate in betting more than 20 times, including more than 10 free rooms are a must.

Rong is not only enthusiastic about games, but also recommends NFL to people around her. Success is brought into NFL games every day to fight together, such as her neighbors: Cherish

One day last year, Rong chatted in the community’s Wechat group to introduce the NFL game jerseys. Her neighbors expressed interest and successfully turned into NFL fans. At the same time, she went to the pit every day. Now she is also an enthusiastic player who participates in the game more than ten times a week.

The first team to cherish the experience was the Green Bay Packers, and her favorite player was Tom Brady, who, in her original words, “watched one game less after all.”

After becoming a NFL fan, he also took several colleagues to watch the ball and play games together. With their joint efforts, the number of fans in this group has more than 20 people, one third of whom are women fans.

They are lucky to have a group of friends reminding each other, exchanging placement experience, sharing player information before the start of each week, enjoying the nervous excitement of the NFL together during the game, comparing scores and benefits after the game, and spamming each other in passing.

Cherish: we are always better than (score). This is the driving force.

Rong: everyone is used to playing games together.

Every active circle of fans has at least one very active core member. In the process of chatting with Rong and Cherish, they all mentioned another player named “Chasing the Wind Boy”, who was always on the best list.

The player has been “caring for women” for many years, in addition to daily recommendations to players, placement reminders, winning or convertible NFL gifts, are also his help to collect.

Thanks to the long-term efforts of the boys, NFL fans have been organized in the local area. Women also appreciate the efforts of Chase Feng Junior, one wishing for a male version of the “green ribbon” to express their gratitude, and the other wishing him well when he won the Green Bay Packers’cap last year. Finally, the two beauties also said that during the Female Care Month, they also gave some feedback to the youngsters as a reward for their daily care of female players.

While caring for female players, they are also cared for by female players. Originally, it was just the relationship between colleagues and neighbors, but now it has become a good partner to watch and chat with each other. Everyday NFL games played every week have become a daily link between them.

Is it envious? Rather than envy, set up your own NFL fan circle, Rong and Cherish’s story shows us that NFL is not just a favorite sport for men, women can feel the charm of rugby.

So what are you waiting for? Try introducing NFL to your friends and join in the daily NFL game jerseys.