Seattle Seahawks launches New Jerseys to commemorate Paul Alan, who will wear to the end of the season.

Not long ago, the sudden death of Seattle Seahawks owner Paul Allen sparked a national outcry in sports. The Seahawks, from the management to the coach to the team’s generals, have expressed their immense memory for the owner of the team. From Sunday’s game to the end of this season’s regular season, the Seahawks will show their respect for Mr. Paul Allen in another way.

Porter Colder, vice chairman of the Seahawks and the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, announced on Friday that the Seahawks would commemorate their late owner by placing “PGA” patches on their uniforms in front of the 12-man flag with the initials of Paul Allen’s name.

Kord wrote on Twitter: “Paul will always be with us.”

The Seahawks official tweeted that the “PGA” patch was attached to the heart of the Seahawks’shirt. The Seahawks wanted to tell the players and everyone who remembered Mr. Paul Allen’s contribution to the team, Paul Allen and our hearts, to be together forever. Get up. “Always in mind.” The Haiying official pushed this sentence.

Paul – Alan died in October 15th in the struggle against non – Hodgkin lymphoma, aged 65. He was co-founder of Microsoft with Bill Gates, who bought the Seahawks in 1997 and the Portland Trail Blazers in 1999. Paul Allen has made an indelible contribution to the sports of two cities and even the Northwest.

The Seahawks have been a tough team throughout Allen’s career, making 12 playoffs and three Super Bowls in 22 years, and winning the Lombardy Cup in the 48th Super Bowl jerseys.

On Sunday, the Seattle Seahawks new jerseys will challenge the Detroit Lions away, and then they will play the Los Angeles Lightning at home, believing they will have a salute to Mr. Paul Allen at home. And on Thursday night, November 16, Beijing time, we’ll see this special patch in the Seahawks’live home game against the Green Bay Packers.

The deepest remembrance is to remember, and the most sincere salutation is to tell the world with the greatest effort: “In this world, he has been here.” Remembering Paul Alan again.