The defending champion Eagles 24-18 won the quadruple defeat of the Jaguar.

Jacksonville Jaguars play the Philadelphia Eagles at 9:30 p.m. in London on October 28, Beijing time. Because the Jaguars always visit London bowl, they have made London their home. Jaguars and eagles entered the finals of the United States and the United Nations last season. The Jaguars lost to the Patriots in the League Final, while the Eagles slaughtered the Vikings in the League Final to advance to the Super Bowl and win the Super Bowl last season. However, this season, both teams are not the same as before, before this game they were 3-4, winning less than 50%. Finally, the Eagles beat the Jaguar team with 24:18.

Focus of the game

The Jaguars and the Eagles each dropped nine times this season, ranking first in the league. Eagles quarterback Carson win has made 7 shots this season.

The two teams have dealt with 5 times in history, and the Jaguar has gained the upper hand by 3 wins and 2 losses.

A wonderful review

The Eagles’advance in the first half was very effective. Despite the fact that Philadelphia Eagles nfl jerseys quarterback Carson Wintz has not led the team to much success recently, he is clearly a step ahead of Jaguar quarterback Blake Bolters. The first push easily reached the Jaguar’s half, but he was captured by Jaguar defensive interceptor Marcel Darius and dropped the ball. The Jaguar got the ball on the offensive, and Jaguar kicker Josh Rambo hit a 50 yard free kick 3-0 with six minutes left in the first quarter. In the second attack, Carson Wintz, who was out of the Jaguar Red Zone again, was ready to make a long pass to his close-end Joshua Perkins. But the attempt was easily discerned by Jaguar corner guard Jaran Ramsey, who scored directly in the end zone.

The Eagles took control of the error after half-time and the Jaguars were overwhelmed by the runner-up Josh Adams. With nine minutes left in the third quarter, quarterback Carson Wintz gave runner-up guard Wendell Smolwood a short pass in front of his opponent’s red zone, and the latter ran into the field to take the lead again at 6:17. However, the Jaguars quickly responded to the Eagles, and with four minutes to go in the third quarter, quarterback Blake Bolters also made a short pass to the outsider Diddy Westbrook for the touchdown, but the Jaguar’s radical choice to make a two-point switch failed, 12:17.

The Jaguar’s efficiency dropped dramatically in the red zone in the fourth quarter. Two minutes and eight minutes after the start of the fourth quarter, the Jacksonville Jaguars jerseys hit the Eagles’red zone twice, but they couldn’t get through, scoring only six points. The Eagles, on the other hand, had 10 minutes left in the fourth quarter when quarterback Carson Wintz passed the ball to his old friend Zack Zack Oates in the Jaguars’red zone and extended the lead to 24:18. And eventually the Eagles will maintain their lead to the end of the game.