Rogers Cromartie, the Oakland raiders, announced his retirement.

The Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie jerseys announced on the Instagram that she decided to retire from her boots.

Rogers Cromarty wrote, “Today I retired and my NFL trip is over. Thank God for letting me enjoy this time. A kid who didn’t have a university could play 11 years in NFL. In this league, I have participated in Super Bowl, professional bowl, and more. When I make a decision, my mind is very calm. You may not understand it, but it’s a bomb!!! Thank you for all those who supported me. Never forget Mr. Ooouu! (DRC self proclaimed)

Rogers Cromarty was No. 16 in the Cardinals’first round of 2008, twice in the career bowl in 11 years, and once in all-Pro (2016). He has played two Super Bowls, once at the red carp and once in the wild horse.

Three years after his career, Rogers 41# jerseys Cromartie was traded to the Philadelphia hawk after the Cardinals. Two years later he came to the Denver Mustang and made his career shine again. In the next four years, he played in the New York giants and was elected to the professional bowl in 2015.

Rogers Cromarty, who signed with the Oakland Raiders jerseys this off-season, has played seven games, completed eight grasps and twice destroyed passes.