NFL professional football Union announces joint efforts with EPIC Games. Beijing time November 10th, NFL team skin will be officially sold on the night of Fort night.

The most famous work of the latter is the popular night of the fortress.

In November 10th, the NFL Jerseys skin will be officially put on the official mall of the night of the fortress. Players will be able to fight in their games with their favorite teams. Each player can purchase and customize up to 8 types of skin.

In addition to NFL Jersey series skin, “Fortress Night” also provides players with football theme dance movements, reclamation props, aircraft and referee skin. The entry of football elements will definitely release the passion of players.

After purchasing the skin of NFL jersey, players can choose the jersey of any team in 32 teams and can customize the number of jersey. According to the gender of the game characters, the skin is automatically adapted to male/female models. Players can adjust the team and number on the selection page before they start the game with NFL Jersey skin.

This cooperation is the first time for the night of the fortress to cooperate with other companies on game skins. This cooperation will help “bastion night” release the passion for games and football.

For this collaboration, NFL Chief Media and Business Operations Officer Brian Rolap commented: “Every day we witness the worldwide influence of Fortress Night, and many players in the League love this game. For those who are both NFL fans and “Fortress Night” loyal players, this collaboration helps them better express their love for the team in the game, and helps the brand image of NFL spread further among the gamers.

“There are many NFL fans in our company, and we know that many players have great enthusiasm for football,” said Mark Rein,cheap nfl jerseys mall co-founder of EPIC Games. “It’s cool to have players represent their favorite teams in the game. When this idea comes true, we’re all excited. Not so much! ”

Players can use the game built-in currency to buy NFL Jersey skin in the Casino Night mall. Once the player successfully purchased, you can view and apply the corresponding game skins in the personal interface.