Giants runner Barkley: I hope to surpass gollie.

In the heart of New York Giantss Saquon Barkley jerseys cheap, the MVP candidate for the season has been set.

On Tuesday, when the host asked Buckley what he could learn from the Giant’s recently signed ex-Ram Guardian, Buckley immediately started the fan model.

“This man, of course, can learn a lot for the MVP of my heart. I often watch the (Todd Gurley) video and love his way of playing. He is a versatile runner, and whenever he touches the ball, he can pose a threat. His way of punching is powerful, and he is not afraid of his opponent.

Gerley is currently the first player in the league in the number of attempted strokes (182), the number of strokes (868) and the number of strokes (12). In addition, he also completed 37 catching, advancing 362 yards, reaching 4 times. 8-1 of the ram’s achievements are also worth his credit, so he has been a popular choice for MVP this year.

Although the Giants is not in good condition this year and the New York Giantss jerseys online offensive front line is weak, Buckley has not failed to live up to expectations of the list. He pushed the ball 519 yards forward, ranked 11th in the league, and completed 58 catches and pushed 497 yards forward. Barkley, who has completed 7 touchdown, is also expected to compete for the best rookie of the year.

Barkley said, “I hope I can surpass Todd one day. I knew he thought the same thing. All running guards will think the same thing. “