Brady interviewed and said again: “I’m ready to hit the age of 45.”

For athletes, the body is their own capital, and the most important factor to determine the “capital” is age. Whatever sport they play, most retire at 35 or earlier, for physical reasons or for off-site factors, but those who choose to be aggressive in the torrent tend to climb one peak after another to achieve achievements that are difficult for ordinary people to achieve.

The quarterback in NFL is a good example. Despite the emergence of talented young people, there are still old faces on the field: 35-year-old Aron Rogers, Ben Rossberg, one year older than him, 36-year-old Philip Rivers and 39-year-old Drew Briss. Do they look like four retirees? Look at their status, Rogers and Ben are still efficient and there is no sign of a decline in their standards, while Rivers and Briss can even say that they have played the most brilliant half-season of their careers, and age has not left much mark on these future Hall of Fame members.

There’s also one of the most famous “old monsters” in the league, Tom Brady, 41, the oldest quarterback in active service and the oldest NFL player besides a football player. For most people, 35 is a barrier, but Brady just lifted his foot slightly: after reaching 35 in 2012, Brady led the New England Patriots jerseys to two Vince Lambadi Cups, and he himself won one regular season MVP and two Super Bowl MVPs.

Despite his 41-year-old age, Brady is still one of the best quarterbacks in the league this season. According to his current efficiency, he can easily get at least 4,400 yards and 30 battlefields at the end of the regular season. The Patriot is also a strong competitor for the Super Bowl. Brady is even expected to hit his sixth Super Bowl ring.

After beating the packer led by Rogers in the last round, the reporter asked when Brady was going to retire, and he said, “I will continue playing until I am 45 years old. I have said many times, but no one believes me. You can see that I feel very good now, my body condition allows, and I also want to play. What else is more interesting than coming out of more than 70000 people in front of each other?

Asked when to hang up boots is not new for Brady. As early as 2014, Tom Brady jerseys, 37, told reporters that he would retire if his performance did not meet the standards he set for himself. Although Brady pointed out that his goal was to reach 45, he became more and more cautious when it came to retirement: “I think more about when to retire than before, but now I need to focus on the game at hand.”

Nine weeks have passed this season, and Brady is still in good shape. It seems that 45 years old is not out of reach for him.