Many retired nike NFL players jerseys march into politics, leaving the stadium still shining.

Today in the U.S. congressional election, two old NFL acquaintances stand out, from sportsmen to politicians in suits and shoes. Anthony Gonzalez, the former Indianapolis pony, took over as a Republican and won the election in Ohio’s 16th Congressional District with 56% of the votes, formally becoming a member of the United States House of Representatives.

There are not a few retired political NFL players, not only that, they can generally achieve good results in politics. After the retirement of Napoleon Harris in 2002, he became Senator of Illinois in 2013; Aaron Rouse, a former Green Bay Packer and New York Giant, ran for Congress in Virginia Beach City after retirement; and Clint Rouse, who helped Red Skin win two Super Bowl championships. Didier) was elected the county magistrate in Franklin County, Washington, D.C.

In fact, the life of NFL players after retirement can be described as varied. They can be seen in all walks of life. After all, the career of NFL players is relatively short. Players must consider the life after retirement as soon as possible. Many star players often receive invitations from major sports media after retirement, thus becoming a sports commentator or host. For example, former cowboy quarterback Tony Romer and close-end forward Jason Witten signed CBS and ESPN successively to enter the sports media industry. At present, their transformation is very successful, and they are widely praised by fans and audiences.

NFL players tend to have enviable figures and shapes, so the film and television industry has become a good place for them. For example, the legendary NFL proximity forward (Tony Gonzalez), in service, he was selected into the 14 All-Star Professional Bowl, the first line-up six times, is the NFL’s history of the number of receivers, receives the most number of proximity players. cheap jerseys Gonzalez’s tough face and tall and powerful figure are very suitable for acting in action movies. In “Extreme Agent 3” released in 2017, Gonzalez acted as the main villain of the film and gave excellent performances, among which his play with Van Diesel was even more applaudable.

Like Pat McAfee, a former Indianapolis pony kicker, who has been fully integrated into the television industry since retirement, the former professional bowl player hosted a talk show called Pat McAfee Show, and in 2018 he was the host of the WWE and helped the horses. Rashard Mendenhall, the runner who won the Super Bowl, did a literary job after retirement. He became the scriptwriter of the famous American TV series The Batters.

Former Chicago Bear’s All-Star Guard, Charles Tillman, chose an absolutely different path after retirement. youth nfl jerseys wholesale The corner guard has a secret agent dream. When playing in NFL, he often participates in the training of law enforcement officers during off-season. In 2017, the corner guard passed the FBI federal agent examination and formally obtained the FBI agent license.

In addition, there are players like Tim Tieber who can’t find a job in the NFL and then switch to baseball. It is reported that Tieber is currently playing well on the New York Metropolitan minor league team. In general, NFL players do a variety of jobs after retirement. After leaving the football field, players always have a way to apply their talents to other fields.