It’s customary for an American football fan to watch a high school football game jerseys on Friday or Saturday. But this touchdown pass by the McKinley Tigers (Hawaii High School Team) has been recorded in history, for no other reason than because of their quarterback, Alexandria Buchanan.

She became Hawaii’s first high school female first quarterback and the first female first quarterback in American high school history. Her performance is not disgraceful to her mission, and her performance on the field has rapidly evolved into a viral video spread throughout the United States, which has also attracted the attention of many NFL stars. For example, her childhood idol, Tennessee Titan quarterback Marcus Mariotta, the Honolululu native NFL star, was thrilled to see Alexandria’s performance.

She was supported not only by her fellow countryman Mariotta, but also by New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Briss jerseys, the first man in history to pass.

In seventh grade, Alexandria began playing flag football with boys and girls locally; in Hawaii, girls have a long history of playing full-equipped football in high school and high school. She has seen other girls take over or run guard, but she is determined to become a quarterback. She joined McDonald’s. Jinli high school’s rugby team reserve team selection.

On August 19, 2017, she became the first girl to play in the Hawaiian High School League. She not only ended the evening with a historic touchdown, but also passed 135 yards well, which was McKinley Tigers’closest chance to win.

And three weeks later, Alexander Lia brought the victory to the tigers, with 22-0 zeros. You know, they haven’t won a match for four years in a row. The ecstasy of this victory is something Alexandria can’t forget for a long time. It’s even more exciting than the national attention she got from viral videos.

“I never felt like a girl quarterback would be a big deal.” When Alexandria talked about her popularity as a female quarterback across the United States, she said, “I saw too many high school quarterbacks on this island. They did better than I did. They practiced hard and won for the team, but they didn’t get much attention.”

Despite Alexandria’s struggles this year, McKinley Tigers coach Pat Silva insisted on starting her. “For me, sex is really not important.” “I think that if a person has a strong desire to do the best thing, it’s a good thing to promote my team; for example, as a girl, she wants to play a part in such a male-dominated sport,” Silva said.

However, Alexandria’s school prepared an unexpected surprise for her. The day after her injury, she received a video phone call. And the end of the phone is Drew New Orleans, the top four point guard of the saints League in New Orleans. This excites Alexandria. The future Hall of Fame quarterback tells her not to worry, not to be depressed, to recover seriously and that she will be better than before. Alexander Lia also promised Bracey that she would be better than before.

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