When NFL meets double 11, can you empty your shopping cart for your home team?

Once upon a time, Shuang11 was a simple bachelor’s day, with single dogs playing together in groups of three or five. But do not know from when, double 11 has become the day of chopping hands. Shopping carts are filled with achievements of blood and tears. Express parcels are all rivers and mountains that we helped e-commerce to lay down…

Yesterday, Ma Yun’s father’s party gathered some big stars in the entertainment circle, which made people wonder how good it is to be rich. In the NFL league, trading is an important means to strengthen the team. In other words, the team can’t do it. The first thing is not to look at the players, but to look at the team’s general manager, because the general manager will hold the power of the team’s trading. If the NFL teams are in the “double 11” corner, then with the savvy of the team’s general managers, they certainly know what kind of goods they should buy.

If the U.S. e-commerce industry could be as omnipotent as the other side of the ocean, what kind of shopping list would the NFL cheap jerseys team make?

Losangeles lightning: a sighting telescope

The Lightning Team won five consecutive games with a hidden danger. Last week against Seattle Seahawks, Steggis lost another free kick and extra points on both feet. I don’t know when the Lightning Team’s shooting was like a magic spell. In the 384 teams from 2006 to 2017, the Lightning Secret Service ranked third from bottom. Whenever the team finishes a push or an attempt to shoot on the touchline, the feeling of obscurity is similar to that of doing a math problem: knowing the known conditions and proving the conclusion, but not knowing the process of solving the problem in the middle, then turning to the answer behind, a light description of “sketch”…

New England Patriots jerseys: artificial thigh

You just need to say to Tom Brady, “With these two strong thighs, you can play for another 10 years, and you can make sure cheap jerseys nfl that you’re on the court, with Rogers-like mobility and Terrick Hill-like acceleration.” I believe that a forty day old man will be excited and even if he doesn’t even use the anesthetic, he will put it under his skin.

Chicago bears: Japanese anime

Xiong Xiaobian of the bear team has been fascinated by anime recently. Their battle reports in each match are very two yuan. At the same time, the team is also very resistant to beating, often suffocating a bullet or King of the World to frighten you, which is a bit like the super Saiya Saint-Fighter Pufang’s help whirlpool people set up.

Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys: I don’t buy it. I want to sell it!

Bell’s contract hasn’t been settled yet, and the team is still worrying about how to make up for Bell’s absence before the season. Now the team is anxious for him to leave. James Connor is in good shape. He doesn’t make as much money as Bell in a game for a year. Now the team is happy. Would it be embarrassing for Bell to come back to the dressing room? How do you make Tom Lin use it?

In the real life of the shopping festival, we received express delivery through logistics, and then go to the website to comment on each other, then we can easily complete the transaction. Similarly, the NFL Double 11 should also introduce a comment mechanism. Just like the Saints’newly signed outsider Dez Bryant, whose buttocks are not hot yet, the first training session will be reimbursed for the Achilles tendon tear season, which makes the saints aspiring to the Super Bowl speechless, the team certainly has reason to give a bad comment.

The above is purely entertainment. What do fans and friends think other teams need to snap up? Welcome to the message. Well, no, the doorbell of the little editor is ringing. It should be Xiao Bian’s girlfriend who came to see me.