In the 10th week of the 2018-19 NFL regular season, the San Francisco 49ers jerseys will play the New York Giants at home. At present, the giant is the penultimate in the league, 49ers are the penultimate third, this game is a top-notch bowl. Xing Tianyu and Rosen will bring comments on the game to you in Tencent Sports Live Studio. You are welcome to watch them on time.

Every scene could be Eli’s last game.

The 2 Super Bowl champion won the MVP Award for the super bowl 2 times. The life of Eli Manning is wonderful enough. Over the past two seasons, Eli’s condition has declined significantly, and the choice of passing has become more conservative, which not only arouses Beckham’s discontent, but also makes it difficult to lead the team to victory. In the history of the team, there were only 3 opening seasons, 1 wins, 7 losses, and two appearances in the late Eli era. Maybe Eli Manning is only eight games short of retirement, or maybe after a bad performance, Alex Downey or Kyle Lauretta will come to power, maybe this is the last game of Eli Manning’s career.

Look at the 49ers new quarterback.

Since the 10th week of 2017, the 49ers team has not won without Galopolo starting, until Nick Mullens appeared last week. 34-3, a brilliant victory basically let 49ers say goodbye to the champion of the draft next year, but Mullens’s performance is really eye-catching. Did the 49ers discover another future quarterback? Mullens faced 262 Raiders, 0 yards and 3 quarterback points in the face of the Raiders. Since the Super Bowl era, only two Hall of Fame players have handed in 250 yards +, 3 passes + and no interception data in the first battle of their careers, Jim Kerry and Fran Takenton, respectively. I wonder if the 95 wonder Mullens’s magic performance can not continue. Perhaps after next year’s Gallo Polo comeback, Mullens, who has no main position, can consider the succession of little Manning?

When Beckham meets Sherman

Little Odell Beckham and Richard Sherman are the top foreign players and corner guards in the league. New York Giants jerseys But the two had only one fight before. Beckham scored 108 yards in nine catches, but Sherman, who was still at the Seahawks, won the game with the team’s 38-17 victory over the Giants. This time again, although the team’s victory or defeat is not so important, but the two people’s positive dialogue is still a lot of points.