Stan Lee died, bringing NFL stars to cherish the memory of those superhero motivating players.

On the morning of November 13, Beijing time, Stan Li, CEO and publisher of Manwei Film, who is known as the father of Manwei, died suddenly of pneumonia at the age of 95. It can be said that Stan Lee created the American comic universe. The cartoonist, author, editor and publisher has created a number of iconic characters including Iron Man, Spider Man, X-Men, Doctor Strange, Panther and Captain of the United States.

A few days ago, the movie “venom”, which was just launched, still went with excitement. Although Tom Hardy appeared as the main character in the film, it really made the audience shuffle the old concept of hero once again. But “will Stan Lee come out to do the guest?” It must have been a hot topic recently when we were watching a movie.

The old man didn’t disappoint us. He was a guest in Manway movies, but this time he appeared in Venom as usual. Although it was only a flash in less than ten seconds, the dialogue between Mr. Stan-Lee and Tom Hardy’s Eddie with a dog really made everyone happy again. One.

However, as if fate were playing a trick on us, on the morning of November 13, 2018, everything changed, and the old man suddenly died and left us completely. In the past ten years as Manwei Powder, this news is untrustworthy for any Manwei Powder, but with the official confirmation of the American media, Stan-Lee’s predecessors did leave us and the Manwei universe.

NFL recalling the father of Stan Lee jerseys

Steeler Runner Le Vion-Bell once boasted of saving Gotham’s Batman during the off-season. Although Batman belongs to DC’s cartoon characters, Bell is a real comic fan and is no stranger to Manwei. When he learned of the death of Mr. Stan-Lee, he reminded him: “Memory of Stan-Lee, a true legend.”

Brian Dawkins, a Philadelphia Hawks star, was nicknamed Weapon X (X Weapon Program) in his early years at the NFL, meaning “Super Weapon”, a code name often used in the movie Wolverine. Stan-Lee’s cartoon code name gave Dawkins a new name, and he was very sad about his death: “Mr. Stan-Lee, we have never met, but my life is engraved with your mark, thank you for always blessing me, cartoon superheroes inspired me to battle in the arena, let me not. And escape to face the outside world. ”

At the end of this twitter, Dawkins also released a picture. In this picture, in 2012, the team invited X-Men Guard painter George Morina to draw a poster of Wolverine in Dawkins No. 20 jersey for him. The painting was a surprise to Dawkins when he retired that day at Lincoln Financial Stadium.

A few weeks later, the old man’s dog was lost near Hollywood Hill. It was finally found at the home of Jim Brown, a former NFL player jerseys, and sent to the old man by Brown himself.

Stan Lee’s sports world

Stan Lee, a sports fan and baseball fan, once secretly painted the New York Yankees into a cartoon. When the captain of the United States woke up from the ice, there was a Yankees game on his bedside TV. Master likes to find inspiration from sports, and then add it to Manway’s works. Similarly, American sports likes to find inspiration from Manway’s superheroes.

As early as 1970, the NFL posters quoted a lot of Manway elements, such as the regular-season posters of Cleveland Brown against the Cincinnati Tigers on November 11, 1970, and the Browns compared their players to superheroes. In addition to seeing superheroes like Spider-Man, Raytheon, Captain of the United States and Panther in the poster, we can also find that the ticket price at that time was only $1.

In an NFL magazine published in the same year, editors compared the NFL players to superheroes at that time, both in movement and body shape.

In the 80.90 era, NFL players appeared in the official NFL magazine as background.

In modern times, with the development and progress of the times, all kinds of P chart technology make the picture more and more lifelike. In addition to the fact that the media still enjoy comparing some players with superheroes, they also like to add a variety of rambling elements to the game, such as the design of helmet into rambling style jerseys.