Job bowl begins! Hasten to vote for idol!

The 2019 Professional Bowl will be held in Orlando on January 27, Eastern Time. Would you like to see your favorite players become all-stars? Now your chance is coming! For second years in a row, the bowl will continue for four weeks until December 13th. Chinese fans can log in to to vote for favorite stars!

At present, the professional bowl tickets have been sold on the line. For the first time this year, fans who buy tickets will have special benefits, including seat selection, red carpet sightseeing, children’s recreational activities and post-match fireworks performances. Before the professional bowl competition, the 13-14 year old team will play the flag Championship final.

The professional bowl player is decided by fans, players and coaches. Finally, the selection of 88 All-Star players was selected. The result of the choice of NFL players and coaches will be announced in Eastern time on December 14th.

The list of professional bowls will be announced in December 18th. NFL jerseys nike is the only professional league that is voted by all the fans, players and coaches to vote for the all star team. In 1995, NFL established the Professional Bowl Online Voting, becoming the first professional sports league to provide online All-Star voting.

In 2019, the professional bowl will adopt the conventional vs mode. The players will need to be selected for each team:

Attack group: three quarterbacks, three runners, one full guard, four outsiders, two near-end forwards, two centers, three offensive guards and three offensive interceptors.

Defense group: 3 defenders, 3 defenders, 3 outside defenders, 2 inside defenders, 4 corner defenders and 3 security guards.

Secret service group: 1 kickback players, 1 attackers, 1 discard kicks, 1 special duty team players.

Others: 1 persons at any location (coach selection).

For the third consecutive year, the Professional Bowl Weekend will be held at Disney Resort in Orlando, nfl jerseys china during which a variety of rugby events will be held at all levels, from high school to profession. Professional bowl weekend activities include but are not limited to: professional bowl team training, professional bowl skills challenge, youth waist flag League and celebrity waist flag competition.

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