The League suddenly replaced the five members of the jury or the first time in the history of the regular season.

Kansas City Chief VS Los Angeles Rams jerseys Monday night match, which started on November 20, has attracted a lot of attention. The Tianwangshan battle is the best match of the season and may even be a rehearsal of the Super Bowl. In order to show the importance of the game, the NFL changed the referee before the game, using the “All Star” level referee team to enforce the strong dialogue.

Chief referee Klitt Blackman will only cooperate with two regular referees of the original referee team, Ramon George and Dana McKenzie. The remaining five referees, including one referee who handled the replay review, will be temporarily recruited from several other referee groups.

This way of allocating referees is a bit like the playoffs. The referees who participate in the games are all famous judges with many law enforcement experience, breaking the regular arrangement of the fixed referee group. This operation will be used in the playoffs a lot, but rarely in the regular season. An NFL game consists of eight cheap jerseys referees. In the regular season, the League usually uses a fixed referee group of eight throughout the season to maximize the understanding between referees.

Usually due to physical reasons or schedule, individual members may occasionally be absent, and the League will call on other referees to supplement temporarily, but it is very rare to replace five referees in the regular season without the influence of force majeure. This season, the league is breaking the old practice of using referees and making positive changes. A few months ago, the League just laid off a referee, Hugo Cruz, the first referee in history to be laid off in the regular season because of professional problems.

NFL spokesman Michael Cigrano confirmed on Sunday: “We have a normal rotation mechanism for referees throughout the season.” However, he did not reveal more details about the replacement of nike team jerseys Blackman referee on Sunday night.

The Sheikh VS Ram was originally a Mexican bowl held in Mexico City, but because of the site (dirty, messy, poor), the venue moved from Mexico City to Los Angeles, which is also extremely rare in the history of the League. Chieftain and Ram are all on fire this season, with 9-1 results leading the two divisions of the United States and the League of Nations. This is the first time in the history of NFL that two teams have scored more than 33 points per game.