Are you an NFL super player? Official decryption activities, find you qualified!

Since December 3, the official Weixin, Weibo and APP of NFL have launched the online linkage decryption activity for the first time! uuuuuuuuuu Three days three levels, through the task to solve the corresponding clues, you may get a generous gift, and may become a member of the NFL Super Fan Club jerseys!

Still sighing for bad luck and no luck with the raffle gift?? This time, these are no longer problems!

Within three days from December 3, NFL Rugby will launch a mission on Weixin, Weibo and APP platforms. Every task will lead to a clue. Collect three clues and you may become our super player! Buy a pass here first, I can only say: the prize is rich, is the history of NFL Rugby platforms the most! uuuuuuuuuuu

Are you the super player we are looking for? Needless to say, December 3, we’ll wait for you to challenge!


At present, NFL Super Fans have been in operation for three months. Super Fans jerseys have received fancy gift packs jerseys from NFL China one after another.

(Class I fans’big gift bag contains one NFL boutique big gift bag; one Wilson rugby, a custom NFL super fans’ ID card; one cap and T-shirt for the team of choice; one player’s jersey for choice; and one or two exquisite small gifts)

Now NFL China has launched the NFL Super Player Decryption campaign! Give you another chance to join the Super Fan Club!

Now, there is one day to go before the official first full-platform online decryption campaign!