Refuse commercial exploitation! 50 Former Professional Players Founded the Free football League

AAF and XFL are no longer the only leagues trying to compete with NFL for professional football business.

The Freedom Football League came out on Thursday in the United States. The League was founded by 50 former professional nfl players jerseys china, including Ricky Williams, Terrell Owens, Jeff Garcia and Simeon Rice.

The competition will be held in spring and summer, and FFL will receive the required funds through private funds and public offerings in 2019. The alliance also announced four “philosophical and operational core”. Overall health support on and off the pitch, expanding the impact of players solving social problems, and keeping the price of watching games within the acceptable range of fans, “Reducing commercial exploitation, no longer squeezing the majority for the benefit of a few people.”

Williams, one of the founders, said: “The Free football League has brought together my support for social justice, economic equality and healthy life, and of course, my love for professional football in my life. Although I would like to wear equipment to play, the League will dedicate the most competitive football jerseys to the majority of people, provide players and fans with the opportunity to become shareholders of the team, and provide players with a public platform to improve society.

FFL currently plans to build teams in cities where there are no NFL teams (or as soon as Oakland is gone).