An Analysis of the Situation of the American League Playoffs

Time flies. In a twinkling of an eye, by mid-December, the NFL regular season has ended its 14-week race and is nearing its end. However, in the next three weeks, there are still many teams fighting for the playoffs. Today let’s take a look at the current playoff situation and see which teams are doing well and which ones have lost hope. Let’s start with the American Federation.

1. Teams that have or are about to lock in playoff qualifications: Kansas City Chiefs jerseys cheap, Los Angeles Lightning, New England Patriots, Houston Texans

The Chiefs and Lightning are both in the Western Conference, so the championship of this competition area is still in suspense. At 9:00 a.m. Beijing time on December 14, the two teams will have a direct dialogue on Thursday night. If the Chiefs win, they will lock in the championship area. But if the Lightning wins, the two teams will achieve the same results with the remaining two games, and the Chiefs will still play. Take advantage of small scores.

The patriots and Texans are much clearer. Despite losing twice in the 14th week, the two teams still have two wins in their area with only three games left, so the chances of winning the area championship are quite high.

2. Teams with great playoff hopes: Pittsburgh Steelers, Baltimore Crows, Indianapolis ponies, Miami Dolphins, Tennessee Titan

With only two places left, it seems strange that five teams have “great hopes”, but this is mainly because the four teams have the same record.

All five teams are currently 7 wins (Steelers have a draw), so what they need to do is NFL playoff Jersey sales win one more game than their competitors in the next three games. If the result is the same, the crow will probably win by a small margin.

3. Playoff hopeless teams: Denver Mustang, Cleveland Brown, Cincinnati Tigers

The three teams are currently at a disadvantage in their performance, so it is necessary to ensure that with only three games left, they win at least one more game than the four of the five teams mentioned above. Such a situation is unlikely to happen at the same time, so it can be said that the playoff hopes of these three teams have been very slim.

4. Out teams: Buffalo Bill, Jacksonville Jaguar, New York Jet, Oakland Raider

There’s no need to explain too much. All four teams are out. Considering that Bill and Jaguar played in the playoffs last season, it’s a shame that they both missed the playoffs three weeks earlier this season.


Generally speaking, what the American Federation still has in suspense is the North District champion and the nfl jerseys sales china second wildcard. Steelers and crows will compete for the North Division championship, while the loser will compete for the second wildcard with ponies, dolphins and Titans. The Steelers and the Ravens both lost this week, but the Pony Dolphin Titan trio all won, taking a slight advantage in momentum, and among the three teams, the dolphins had the best schedule, so it might be a good chance for them to enter the playoffs after another year.