This article will show you how to read the rules of NFL playoff promotion. You’ve seen it in the closing game of tomorrow’s season!

The 2018 season NFL regular season has ended 16 weeks of competition, followed by the final week of the official battle, the playoff seats will be fully determined. There are many uncertainties in the ranking of the regular season, especially on the side of the League of America. Ranking rules have also sparked widespread discussion among fans. Today, before the finals of the regular season, let’s reorganize the rules of the NFL playoff seats and see how they are allocated.

I. Playoff Seat Allocation

It’s understandable that teams rank according to their performance. However, the NFL has a special point, that is, it depends on not only the competition area ranking, but also the League ranking. NFL is divided into two federations, the United States Federation and the League of Nations. Each Federation has four tournament areas in the southeast, northwest and four teams in each tournament area. Many fans may already be familiar with this. Playoff seats, the first allocation is the top of each division. The No. 1-4 seeds of the two federations must be the top of the competition area. This explains why the Los Angeles Blitzkrieg outperformed the New England Patriots, Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens in the current league rankings, but ranked behind them because they are currently the top three teams in their respective division, while the Blitzkrieg is the second in the Western Division.

After eliminating the championship in each competition area, the remaining two playoff places, namely “wild card”, do not need to look at the results of the competition area, cheap jerseys usa but in the same federation, all the teams that “did not win the competition area championship” are put together and ranked according to the results. This is easier to understand, and I will not repeat it here.

So it can be imagined that under this rule, every division guarantees at least one team to qualify for the playoffs, but there are only three teams at most, that is, one division champion and two wildcards, and there will be no four teams to qualify for the playoffs.

The rule is that the champions of each division must be in the playoffs, that is to say, no matter how bad the champion’s performance is, as long as they are first in the division, they can be in the playoffs. Historically, there have been some amazing examples of such rules. The Southern District of the League of Nations in the 2014 season is a typical example. At that time, the Carlolina Panthers were only 7-8-1, which led them to the playoffs when they lost more than they won. What is more amazing is that they eliminated the Arizona Cardinals jerseys in the wildcard game, which was much better than their Arizona Cardinals. 。

This involves another rule – the competition for home advantage. In the NFL game jerseys, where the playoffs play at home depends entirely on which side has a high seed seat. Therefore, the district champion can not only ensure the playoffs, but also ensure that at least one playoff is played at home. In the example mentioned above, the 7-win Panthers beat the 11-win Cardinals at home.

2. Teams in the same competition area have the same results as those in other competition areas.

Finally, when teams from the same competition area have the same results as other teams from different competition areas, it is necessary to first see who is the first team in the same competition area, and then compare with teams from different competition areas. As mentioned earlier, the ponies, the Titans and the Steelers may all have a 9-6-1 draw. At this time, the pony and the Titan are compared first with the team in the competition area. The pony will win by the win-lose relationship. So the Steelman just needs to be in front of the pony. Only when a steelman’s score is not as good as a pony’s does it need to be compared with Titan’s.

These are NFL playoff seating rules and scoring methods. Tomorrow is the end of the regular season. What rules will be used then? We will wait and see.