Hessman Award winners are going to play for MLB in the NFL draft. Are they going to be stood up?

Kyler Murray, the 2018 Heisman Award winner at the University of Oklahoma, will announce his participation in this year’s NFL draft before Sunday’s deadline, according to US media reports. This talented young man with both baseball and olive skills has been the first-round show of MLB. Last year, he was chosen by the Auckland Sportsmen in the 9th place in the first round.

Keller Murray

As previously agreed, Murray will report to the sportsman after completing the college football season. But with Murray’s success in the football field, more and more people began to suspect that Murray might abandon his stick from the olive. At first Murray insisted that he would fulfill his contract with the sportsman, but when the opportunity approached, he decided to go to the NFL to test the water temperature.

From a sporting family, baseball and rugby can play

Before being selected by the sportsman, Murray scored 10 home runs in the college baseball league, which is still the data that he had not played baseball well before and brushed his feet temporarily after entering college.

But Murray’s achievements in college football were even more terrible. He led Russia University to 12 wins and 1 defeat. He passed 4053 yards and 40 battles, jerseys nike and he ran 892 yards and 11 battles. He won the college football playoffs with Russia University, but lost to Alabama in the semi-finals.

Murray was able to play well in both events, not least because of his family background. His father, Kevin Murray, was a quarterback at a rugby school, Texas Agricultural Worker, and was chosen by MLB. His uncle, Calvin Murray, was just like him in MLB’s first-round show and had worked for the San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers.

For his talent, even Bo Jackson, who has been selected as an All-Star in both the NFL and MLB jerseys wholesale, is highly appreciated. Murray, following Jackson’s example, took a picture of his predecessors wearing naked armour and shoulder baseball bats to pay tribute to them. Jackson, however, did not recommend that the Heisman Prize winner try to play both leagues as he did. His advice to Murray was to concentrate on one project, whether in baseball or rugby.


Sign a contract with an athlete

Of course, the sportsman knows that Murray is at risk when he chooses to be an amphibious player. What if he decides to play rugby? But because of this, the athletes took out the utmost sincerity to negotiate with Murray: offering a high signing fee of 4.66 million yuan, while allowing Murray not to go to the sportsman immediately, but mostly to stay in Russia for a year to complete the football season.

Maybe the sportsmen think that this condition is enough to keep Murray’s heart, and Murray once told reporters that he would abide by the contract. However, during the MLB winter baseball conference in December last year, there was news that the contract between the two had a jump clause, so long as Murray returned most of his signature money to the sportsman, he would be free to pursue his rugby dream.

According to the MLB draft rules, if the players selected by the team fail to reach a contract, the draft in the second year will be awarded a down-ranking compensation signature. But if a team signs a contract with a player, and the contract is cancelled or the contract is not actually enforced, the signature is tantamount to a drift. If Murray decides to jump into the NFL, losing a first-round tie in the top ten is enough for the athlete’s management to beat their chest.

In fact, the versatile players in MLB and NFL are selected, the last choice to go to NFL has a precedent, the most famous is Denver Mustang’s legendary quarterback John Elvi.

Do you believe that you can play professional Murray will be favored by the NFL team jerseys?

Murray’s fight at Russian University was so fierce that good news reporters asked him if he thought he could play NFL. Last November, Murray avoided it very much. “I think I can play in the NFL, but baseball is my future goal. I will play in the MLB as contracted,” he said.

But journalists are still entangled with this topic, especially after winning the Haysmann Award, Murray himself may feel itchy, and the answer about whether he can play NFL well is becoming more and more “detailed”. Especially with regard to his height of more than 5 feet and 9 inches (one inch shorter than Russell Wilson), Murray has expressed many opinions, insisting that this will not prevent him from adapting to professional football.

Of course, playing well in College doesn’t mean that you’re as good as your career. Even the Heisman Award can’t promise a brilliant career. In particular, the position of quarterback in the amateur and professional level to undergo a very large transformation, many college players in the NFL acclimatized, vanished.

But the same applies to professional baseball. It’s not a big problem for NFL’s high-ranking draft to be on the official list at least. It’s common for MLB’s high-ranking draft not to be in the major leagues for a lifetime. The complex nature of this sport makes it difficult to evaluate rookies, so practice has become the only criterion to test the truth – cheap jerseys usa no matter how high the draft ranking is, the minor leagues at level 6 still have to pass through, fail, depend on their performance.

To some extent, the ability to make both ends meet may put Murray in a dilemma. He may not get rid of the assumption of “if it had been” for the rest of his life. Anyway, for fans, it’s important to have either a ball to watch or a melon to eat. As for baseball or rugby? Hey, let Murray choose for himself.